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  1. I have hid 6000k 'china' as madmax call them. Drove many thousands miles with them during the night time and nobody has'nt flash on me becouse I blind them. Proper adjustment and everybody is happy. And also, there is a huge different between HIDs in projector style headlamps(like avensis) or older shapes civic's with classic headlamp. Hate the hids in these kind of type of headlamps as they realy dazzle oncoming traffic.
  2. check TYC website.. http://www.tyceurope.com/ .. all headlamps are E marked with all european quality certificates.. not everything made in Asia needst to by rubbish.
  3. well one year warranty so u can send them back when you are'nt happy. worth a try anyway. most of the car parts are replacement parts from asia.
  4. Of course they are brand new headlamps... Motorfactor website ... Not a scrapers
  5. dont think that ebay reflector worth 50pounds.. you can get whole new headlamp for about 72pounds here http://www.micksgarage.com/proddetails.aspx?pid=168583&pk=46E7A
  6. my belt changed within 10 minutes by myself in front of my house ;)
  7. PCD 5x100 , Centre bore: 54,1mm, ET(offset) 35 to 45,
  8. yeah..looks like that.. should I worried about?
  9. does anybody know why is my avensis loosing the coolant until its on min mark? ..then it stops there and stays on 'min' mark .. doesnt go below that minimum level. One week after filling the coolant tank to max it goes back on minimum and stays there.. why is that so?? Seems like my car doesnt need more coolant than minimum level :D
  10. just the top of the front bumper..u dont need to take whole bumper off the car. Just one or three bolts(or screws-dont remember) on the top of the bumper mask+2 plastic clips. Then one 10mm bolt on each top cornes of the bumper side(wings area). Then just pull the sides of the bumper and front mask too gently. Another two screws on the top of the each headlamp.. unscrew them and pull the headlamp forwards. That's it.
  11. same as 03 onwards .. see this
  12. yeah Paul, know how to replace them coz i already did. Had one really bad few months ago on passenger side and friend of mine was breaking one avensis so I took one speaker from his car but now driver side speaker starting ****** me off :D . Will replace them all soon for some aftermarket brand. Have good experience with Pyle Blue speakers.. cheap and good performance. Thanks, Martin.
  13. Glad 2 help.. Enjoy your new speaker's ;-). Wud u post link on that speaker's? Will need 2 replace my ones too. Thanks
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