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  1. you can indeed not as much but its still there .. sounds expensive .. not good :/
  2. Hi all just a quick one to see if anyone has had the same issue? I have a 53 plate t sport 56000 miles.. The problem is when I rev around 3000 rpm I get and ominous wurring noise sounding like it comes from the engine bay it only happens when driving in gear take put your foot on the clutch .. Nothing.. Rev .. Nothing release the clutch wur wur wur .. I've checked the front wheel bearings no play atall.. I hope someone can shed some light on it please? Cheers :)
  3. Hi everyone I thought I would introduce myself, I am and have been a proud owner of a corolla T Sport for just over 2 weeks now .. And I LOVE IT! What a car! Few problems such as the matrix (flushey flushey) a squeaky front shock absorber and an ominous wurring noise ( yet to be solved ) but apart from that awesome! So yeah introduction complete :) and no doubt will be posting a few topics etc and look forward to a long lived -LIFTING- T sport!
  4. Glad to be part of the group :)

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