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  1. UPDATE. KEEP AWAY FROM JURATEC PADS. They havnt stopped squeaking since Iv had them put on and the brake dust is worse than brembo. Swapping them out this week for blueprint pads.
  2. hi guys I hope someone can help because I am a little confused. My aircon isnt working atm (probably needs a recharge) so I decided to check the obvious; the fuses and relays. The 2 fuses under the glovebox look good but the relay in the fuse box next to the battery is....well....missing. Or so it seems. This cars fuse box looks like this........ according to the diagram, the aircon relay is in the white rectangular shape holder but all I see in there are a series of metals plates all permanently connected. What are they? And more importantly, how do they work as
  3. UPDATE. After getting some recommendations from my local trusty mot tester/mechanic I've gone for blueprint discs and juratec brake pads. The lockdown is causing problems with supplies but to be honest so far so good. Price was reasonable too.
  4. Thats confusing because it says bosch on those brake pads too. Ill have to take a look at blueprint but Im siding more with Pagid simply because Iv used them before. Ill.post back with prices because I want to speak to my local toyota dealer too.
  5. Hi guys. I have a 2009 1.6 petrol verso and I need a set of front discs and pads. Which ones do you recommend? In the past, Iv been very happy with Pagid brake pads but they were oem for my old car. Dnt know who is for toyota. I dnt mind paying more for good quality parts though Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all. As the title says; how do I get MW on my radio? It only has am and fm options from what I can see.
  7. The mot advisories arent expensive to repair. Just get a bit of money knocked of the asking price.
  8. I would look at number of previous owners and mileage every year at MOT. If for 2 years the car has 10k to 12k miles per year and in the 3rd year the same owner has done less it suggest mileage correction to me because there no consistency in usage. Might be paranoia on my part but thats what I look for in all my cars. Obviously a hpi check is imperative if you are buying from a private seller.
  9. Hi I have a 2009 verso tr but I have a small problem. The headlights beams are not level. The turn wheel in the cabin can raise or lower both beams from 5 to 0 setting but I need to lower or raise one of the headlight beams so that they're both level. Can someone please put on a diagram of the headlight unit that shows the adjustment nut/screw or show me how its done. Thanks in advance.
  10. Where did you buy the armrest? Can you post a pic of it please? Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone. Iv recently bought a 2009 1.6 TR verso with 108000 miles on. I have a couple of small issues and was hoping someone here can help. The first thing is that the interior door handles have oil marks on them. Hopefully they'll show on the pics. Can I get replacement handles or should I try a cleaning hack to get them clean. Secondly, Im not too pleased about the carpet. Its got very fine dust stuck in it which cant be vacuumed out. How do I get a replacement carpet? Thirdly, the gears sometimes crunch when going into 1st or 2nd gear. My old avensis used to
  12. I changed the gearbox oil in my 2004 2.0 t spirit avensis when I bought the car. Worked very well for me because my cars gears were very stiff and hard to change whilst the car was cold. Once it picked up temp it was fine. Since the job, its been spot on. Smooth and easy gear changes no matter how cold it is outside. Think it 75w90 and it took good part of 4 litres. And £20 labour charge but definitely worth it.
  13. Aah I see what you mean. Thanks for that. Ill clean all the pipework and EGR again. Might leave the intercooler for an expert. Think its a big job for me.
  14. Does the 1cd-ftv have a pcv valve? Where is it located? Im only asking because my car is burning oil as well and the breather pipe is quite oily on the engine side so after some research it seems changing the pcv can help. thanks.
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