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  1. Hi everyone I got an 04 gen7 T Sport I'm want to put a set of automatic folding mirrors on my car, and want to know if anyone knows how to fit them and where i can purchase them I've seen a few cars on YouTube have them fitted and I want a set. Thanks for any advice Craig
  2. All the orange is are SMD LEDs in the back of the cluster you can change them if you are handy with a soldering iron there's pages on the net that explain it in step by step guide, I not try this website http://store.ledmod.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=39 Hope it helps
  3. Hi all anyone know where I can get retractable side mirrors from for my gen7 celica or is there a way I can fit a set from another car on mine Thanks in advance
  4. All the ones I found in beakers are worn same as mine, looks like I'm gonna have to go dealers
  5. Have you converted to 4wd or you still running fwd if your still fwd how does it handle with the 3sgte engine?
  6. Gen7 t sport starting to modify to high spec
  7. Hi all does anyone know where I can get a set of door rubbers from or part numbers for a gen7 don't really want to go toyota because they'll charge top money Thanks in advance
  8. I had same prob the other week with a lamp from halfords took it back changed it and new 1 worked fine, you might have same prob might just be a dodgy lamp
  9. Excellent thanks, ill get on them tomorrow
  10. Hi all, I got a gen7 celica 190 and looking to upgrade the brake system to 320mm disc and calipers, question is will the gt4 discs and calipers fit on the gen7? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone I got a gen7 celica 190 and am looking at upgrading the brake system to 320mm disc and new calipers, question is will the gt4 calipers and discs fit on the gen7?
  12. Welcome to the Toyota forums Bouncy1000 :)

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