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  1. hi everybody, im john and i love starlets, my last 1 was a 2e special lightweight edition with a smaller fuel tank and no luxuries ha ha it is a serious rocket that takes on dohc vtec civics,had levin standard alloys and gt back lights. passed it onto the other half as her 1st car as i cant bare to sell her (not the girlfriend,the car).now i own a starlet soleil L CAN and am obsessed with it, im loving having every consievable extra it could have and kept the wheels and lights from the last 1,its a 4e-fe 16v efi dohc and gets to 180 kph pretty fast considering its actually got a lot less agression in the acceleration as the sohc 1.anyway i could talk for ever about it so ill just say i look forward to hearing from any of you that can help me with my queries in the starlet and jap import forums love peace and axle grease :-)
  2. just wondering if anybody can tell me what my jap import means, its a starlet soleil L CAN.16v efi dohc 4speed 100bhp, been searching and reading everything i can find online about it and im worn out ha ha.its the "can" part im stuck on, ive found canvas tops and thats the closest reference i can get but mine defo is not 1 of them.if any1 can shed some light on it for me id be very happy and could finally relax and enjoy my newest purchase :) found 4x4 starlets 2 ...just said id get that out there :) thanks in advance all.
  3. hi all, im a long time follower of starlets and recently came across a special 1 that i just had to buy.its a starlet soleil L CAN 16v efi dohc.jap import, has the gt engine without the turbo but has the bigger throttle bodies and valve intakes,100 bhp. 4 speed. my question is ..... what is the "CAN" about.the closest thing i can find is a canvas top but mine aint that.any help ismuch welcomed as im worn out from searching online. thanks in advance..
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums lazyboyphaze :)