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  1. Press the mode button twice until the km/h starts blinking. Press the up or down button to change to km/h to mph. Press the trip button to finish.
  2. I’ve been thinking that I might have to consider changing the rear wheel bearings for a while but it passed its MOT this week at 151,209 miles this week without comment. Every time I jack up a corner and spin a wheel I can’t detect any roughness. I did get an advisory a few years ago for valve stems: I had some metal valve caps that used to corrode and had gripped the stem with pliers while I undid the caps with a spanner. This caused some tears in the rubber on the valve stem. The tyres were changed before the next test so the problem went away; the metal caps went in the bin.
  3. It’s an indicator lamp for the immobiliser. A previous owner has probably used the mounting hole in the dash to fit an additional switch, or the coin holder and just stuffed the lamp out of harm’s way.
  4. I would invite you to follow this link https://media.toyota.co.uk/2002/02/toyota-yaris-and-yaris-verso-d-4d/ to read the original Toyota press release about the introduction of the 1ND-TV Diesel engine in the Yaris in 2002. The Diesel Yaris outperforms the petrol 1.0 while being more economical to run. I would have welcomed a Diesel engined iQ as well. It would have been a better proposition than the Aygo with the 54bhp PSA Diesel.
  5. Searching against the codes suggests a throttle body problem, or the wiring to it. Are all the plugs seated properly?
  6. I recently replaced the timing chain on my Diesel Yaris. I used a universal pulley/sprocket holder tool to stop the pulley turning. I set the handle so that it was resting against the driveshaft thus leaving both hands free for the long bar on the nut.
  7. I have managed to remove the driveshafts from the transaxle without removing the hub nut. After the ball joint decided to stay together despite a tattoo of hammer blows I removed the two bolts joining the hub carrier from the strut. This allowed enough room to pop the shaft out.
  8. Thank you. I rather suspected that this would be the case. I had better get some new stake nuts ready.
  9. I am about to change the gearbox on my 2003 Diesel. Is it possible to separate the driveshafts from the transaxle while leaving them connected to the hubs by removing the hub carrier from the lower ball joint and swivelling the carrier about the track rod end?
  10. I’ll hold the hair, you split it. 1/4” is 6.35mm. Close enough in my opinion.
  11. There is a relay for the existing horn already in place fed through a 15A fuse. No problems since I fitted the air horn in 2017.
  12. Once you get past the bulky plug it’s just a 1/4” spade terminal. Cut it off and crimp a new spade terminal onto the wire. Job done. FWIW I have a 1/4” blade terminal plugged into my original plug running to the compressor for my air horn. If I ever need to I can restore the original electric horn just by putting the plug back onto the original horn.
  13. Last year a colleague jokingly offered me his wife’s Yaris. As my daughter was getting close to her test and actively looking for something to buy (she had looked at an Aygo and rejected it as “too flimsy”), I asked for more details. It was a 53 plate 1 litre 3 door and they were looking for £900. I took my daughter to see it; I drove it and she liked it. She got the car for £850. She has sunroof, air con, electric windows, electric mirrors, and central locking: all things I don’t have on mine. The car sailed through its MOT. I changed the radio for her and adjusted the handbrake and that’s al
  14. I am watching this with interest. My Yaris has manual windows but my MR2 has electric. Ideally they would both be auto up and down, currently the driver’s is auto down only. Good luck.
  15. I now have a replacement for the DOA lamp sent last week. Now with illumination on both sides:
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