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  1. hello there, right ive got a celica gen 7 with a 1zz and going to do a conversion to the 3sgte from a rev 3 mr2. Now it seems alot of people disagree with the idea as it being to much work money bla bla. instead of moaning about it just offer some advice or any of your knowledge to assist with the build. im in the process of buying a mr2 turbo rev 3. i plan on taking the engine gearbox wiring loom ecu out etc. then taking the 1zz out the gen 7 and sending it to a tuning garage where they will complete it all but i want to do as much work myself saving time in the garage. so any info on engine
  2. yeah the thought has come to mind, just thought there maybe a way around this. thanks anyway
  3. hello guys im new to all this so you will have to bare with me. ive got a celica 140bhp ive had the cat chopped out mostly for a better sound and now my engine light has came on and now seems to be running sluggish and over fueling? now i thought a remap would sort this out but seeing as i didnt do any research u cant remap them so is there another way around this? any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums fala187 :)

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      thanks :) ive just done my first post so hoping for a good and fast response

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