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  1. I think I'd only use the gunge if I'm lost in the middle of nowhere and with a puncture. I think to be honest I'd just call the AA anyway :) I know that gunge writes off the tyre, I wouldn't ever try and get one repaired. I did also hear they hate trying to take them off with all that stuff inside the tyre. Once my boyfriend knocked a can of holts off the shelf in halfords accidentally and it was crazy stuff. In seconds it'd covered about a metre square around him and his shoes, the shop attendant had trouble trying to contain it in a bag :S It was kind of scary! Also, I've found my tyres (Bridgestone 175/60/16) at black circles with lots of tesco clubcard points for £117! So not bad, used to pay £150 for my mini tyres. So £30 less per tyre is quite a nice saving. :)
  2. May be worth asking this in the iQ forum, I'm not sure. It feels unstable to drive at the moment (just a bit wobbley in the corners), but I'm used to a Mini Cooper S that sticks to the road like glue. I'm sure the iQ is fine, but might be worth asking others who have tried it in the snow :P
  3. Sounds like a good idea. I've got the Holts foam stuff, haven't tried it yet. But if all else fails that's what the AA (or my boyfriend) is for :P
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    I thought the heater remembered what setting you had it on last time. I keep mine on feet and windscreen and that's what it always comes up as when I turn the car back on. I don't think the start/stop affects the heater controls, but I do know if you have the auto air con on when it's below 8 degrees outside, it can prevent the engine from going into start/stop mode (according to the manual). Also the window defogger stops the start/stop from working. Presumably because it's drawing so much power. I could be wrong though, only had my iQ3 a few days, still getting used to it :)
  5. Thanks everyone! Didn't realise I could take out the little plastic twizly bits on the sides. Got those out and removed the lid off the box and everything was a doddle. Strange that the stuff in the compressor goes off! It says it expires 04/2013.. how much does it cost to get this replaced by Toyota? I've got a can of foam and a compressor already so might just hang onto that for a while. :)
  6. Hi everyone, So I've now got my shiny iQ home, and I was having a look to check the compressor and tyre repair kit is there. I've managed to find it under the little plastic tub in the boot, but how do you get this out? I've located the little plastic dials on either side but I still can't seem to get the plastic boot tray out. Seems it's pretty stuck. Is there an easy way? In the book it just points out that the kit is stored under the rear seats. To be honest, I'd re-word that to say 'under the impossible to remove boot tray'. Unless I'm doing this totally wrong :P I can take pictures later if it's not clear what I'm going on about :) Thanks! Kay
  7. I had this issue on my Peugeot 107 (same car) and I found it a struggle to get into gear and then when I finally got to the mechanic, he said the clutch plate had shattered. It sounds similar so could be the same thing. Ring round for prices rather than trying to drive to all the garages, I tried to go round to get quotes and in the end I couldn't get into gears anymore and had to limp to the closest garage in just 2nd gear :( not fun.
  8. I had a 107 and had issues with the clutch and exhaust too :/ They both went at around 20,000 miles. Crazy when the car wasn't that old, but they just corrode. My clutch plate had shattered, so I know it wasn't usual wear and tear. You'd think on a city car the clutch would be stronger, considering it's going to get a lot of use in city traffic. More details can be found here about the clutches and exhaust issue - http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/toyota/aygo-2005/?section=bad I've got an iQ now and only time will tell if I get similar issues.. *fingers crossed* that this one lives up to Toyota's reputation of good reliability.
  9. Lol, they do look a bit 'bling' don't they :P I think they come on all the iQ3's. I think I'd have preferred it without, but nevermind :) Wheels are snazzy though.
  10. Picked it up tonight. Really happy with it. Here's a pic, it was getting dark by the time I got there so I'll have to do some more pics on the weekend when its lighter. I'll start a new thread in the iQ forum though ;) can't wait to get back in it tomorrow!
  11. I bought a Peugeot 107 a couple of years ago, it was a 2006 and had done only 17000 miles. The clutch went on that and I found a local garage that replaced it quite cheaply (can't remember exact price but it was certainly under £500). I agree that a recall should be done, seems a common problem across Aygo/107/C1 models. The exhaust also went, which I've discovered since is another common problem :/ Hence why I've now decided to go for an iQ instead. It's the 1.33 so here's hoping it has a different clutch.
  12. Hi & Welcome :) I've just joined and only live down the road. I'm picking up my Toyota iQ today, also a Toyota virgin! Hehe.
  13. Hi :) On here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19894322 - it states that it's "The range of Toyota cars affected worldwide include certain models of the Yaris, Vios, Corolla, Matrix, Auris, Camry, RAV4, Highlander, Tundra, Sequoia, xB and xD produced between 2005 and 2010." You can delete my post once that's amended if you like, and apologies if I've got it wrong! Just thought I'd try to help.
  14. Hi everyone, thanks for the welcomes :) Just 10 hours to go. Smart entry ? my Corolla has a key ? am I missing out on something ? I may resort to using that if I don't trust my car to lock itself when I'm walking to work :P How do you know it's locked if you just walk away? Weeeird. But cool! hehe.
  15. Thanks! :D I can't wait. Still curious about the smart entry, can't wait to try it out :)
  16. Hi everyone :) I'm Kay and I'm a web designer in Berkshire. I will be picking up my new Toyota iQ3 tomorrow. It's a grey 2009 reg one and I can't wait to finally get it home so I can play with all the buttons :D I thought I'd join this forum for hints and tips and to see how other people are getting on with their iQ's too. I'm hoping the car will be a little bit more reliable than my Cooper S (which I traded in for this). so here's *fingers crossed*. Any common problems I should look out for when I have a look round it tomorrow? I'll post some piccies once I've got the car home tomorrow, if it's not too dark :) Kay
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