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  1. Heh. It's the other way round. Toyota modified the injection system for Subaru.
  2. Nearly three years... have to decide whether to keep it or switch to something else. Maybe it's time to look at the new MX-5 gen 4.
  3. My Toyota dealer's salesman said that the only difference between them is the engine, so why do you say the Subaru is better? The engine is the same. There may be a slight difference in geo setup but they're otherwise identical. As above, made in the same Subaru factory.
  4. Wait until it freezes. You'll have great fun closing (or not) the windows once open. A royal PITA, but relatively simple fix once you know the trick. Will try to find a link to it later.
  5. My test drive was in an auto. Bought manual. Jotted a few thoughts here: CLICK.
  6. Tip for driving: Drive it like you stole it! GT 86 comes alive when pressing on. FWIW stick with stock wheels and springs - they turn into a stiff ride when you mess about with them. Fine for the track but not so much for commuting and fun in the lanes. Enjoy.
  7. WOrks okay on mine if using factory message app on phone. If I switch to Textra it doesn;t work at all.
  8. MIne has always been so. NB have nexus 5, not iphone. Crank up volume on TnG and it's audible.
  9. Hehe. Each to their own. What were you, chief sweeper upper? Learn how to drive it properly and you may be rewarded.
  10. I did a mini review here: CLICK. Also tried a turbo charged one last year: Taken from here: CLICK. I've since had an AVO cat-back system, tein springs and a remap by Fensport. A little about it here: CLICK (4 August post).
  11. I know what he means though. My 350Z had bags of torque - not as much as the TVR obv, but plenty for traffic light GP. The 86 is more about poise and agilityy though - more fun in the long run. Enjoy.
  12. My GT86 fitted with Touch & Go was advertised as DAB Ready, whatever that means. I'd like to make it DAB Working but local dealer says nothing available (yet). Does anyone have any idea of the best way to achieve this? NB. It is a £750 option as-is so I'm not prepared to swap out for a whole new head unit.
  13. They've been touted about the various forums for a while now. Even if they did float my boat, amusingly expensive. Thanks for heads up though.
  14. You're comparing an Almera, a small family car, with what is marketed as a premium product, 2+2 sports coupe? On price? I'm comparing it with the other cars I was considering; TT, Cayman, M3, 1M, Scirocco, etc and even the 350Z I traded in - all appreciably more expensive for little more other than badge.
  15. What's that you've fitted, a 70s air horn? Nice one mate - enjoy.
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