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  1. You don't see many up for sale, there is only a handful around, and know of at least 2 thats been written off, not sure if they were broken for bits though. Always wondered what happened to Kimi's after she sold it, seemed to disappear off of the face of the earth.
  2. As per title, any colour, both end brackets must not be damaged, not too bothered about bump strips or fogs.
  3. You still got this up for sale? Might know someone with a C1 who might be interested.
  4. Anyone know of one of that I can here in the UK, or of one sat in a breakers/Jap dismantlers? Thanks Matt
  5. Hope I get one too, the one they replaced for me has cracked again in exactly the same place :(
  6. Laquer them and they'll look loads better as they'll get the shine back just like the standard lights. :)
  7. Another bump, still after these and must be from a T Sport, not the VVT-i engine.
  8. Freetronic gearbox? Some of them had a problem with the wiring breaking near the gear selector IIRC, if not its a new ECU module which can easily be a £1500 repair.
  9. Haha, con artists. Open the boot, and there will be a cover over the light, pop that off and hey presto you'll see the bulb holders. 5 minute job if that.
  10. I'd check the door and boot seals, if not could be something as simple as having the heater on re-circ causing them to steam up. Anyway those wheels look spot on, top choice.
  11. Need a set of 4 injectors for a Celica T Sport. PM me.
  12. Just stumbled across this gem on ebay that may interest a few folk as quite a few people are tending to want more power, seems to be a simple bolt on job aswell from the sound of the ad. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=300266322030 Also got a set of Tein coilovers aswell.
  13. Yep that was me, ended up gong on twice, once in the morning in the downpour, and then in the afternoon once it had dried out. :)
  14. Wheels look good, as said paint the calipers to hide the rust, try green to be different, if you dont believe me look at Octavia VRS' they look cool.
  15. Meguairs Scratch-X is good for headlamps but if they are deep scratches you wont be able to fix them unless you buy another lamp.
  16. Theres a black one I usually see at Pod with white Rota Grids on, that looks good.
  17. That list could easily be mistaken with the most boring cars of 2008 award.
  18. £50 your having a giraffe. Stick it on eBay, £25 at most.
  19. Best thing to do is refurbish all four wheels, if you just doing touch ups on kerbing, there is a silver colour which is a brilliant match that we've used at work, can't remember the colour code though.
  20. Off to YCUK we go then :)
  21. It's possible but you'll be rolling around on your back and will need a shallow tub that can catch about 4 litres of used engine oil, well probably less after its splashed all over your face. Drain plug should be easy to spot, black tub (sump) at the bottom of the block there will be the plug, and the filter will be towards the front of the block.
  22. When I worked mine out with a couple of people at work mines around 25 mpg :D
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