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  1. Thanks Kingo. I had a feeling this was the case but was suprised that with an ambient temp of 12c (not overly cold) and a very careful driving style it is losing 20% of it's range. Paul
  2. Hi, just a bit of information (sorry of this is old news) for new owners. Having driven my new plug-in for a week now I kept hearing two quick beeps (quite loud) about half a second apart happening randomly. Nothing on any display to indicate what is was and nothing I could find in the handbook. Started to worry me as I had no idea what it was. Eventually I realised it was a speed camera warning !
  3. Hi, My new Plug-in should be registering 15+ miles on a full charge but so far after 20 or so charges has not exceeded 11.5 miles on the display. Any ideas why this might be Thanks, Paul.
  4. Mine arrived within two weeks of ordering and had £1200 discount
  5. Hi, my name is Paul Bramwell and I have a three day old Prius Plug-in having had a T-Spirit previously (and a Peugeot 3008 Hybrid for two weeks which was returned because the best mpg is could get out of it was 43 mpg). Talk to you soon. Paul.
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