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  1. My guess is that more people reverse into things, damaging their rear bumper, than drive into things damaging the front. So used rear bumpers are in greater demand than front ones, pushing up the price.
  2. Sure they've got more complex but most garages will still repair modern petrol and diesel cars but hybrids add a new level of complexity and skill around the HV battery and motor drive, they are more specialist, similar to the diesel DPF and catalyst systems which are emerging. Well something is deterring people because most aren't buying hybrids, despite being around for 10-15 years they still amount to only a small proportion of new car sales, around 8% or 1 in 12, so something is putting people off. While you may be right about them being generally very reliable, if they do go wron
  3. I guess it depends on how long the typical Toyota owner is willing to hold on to their car before changing. I think, generally, most people tend to own cars for several years before changing to something newer. Buying a new car then holding it to 10+ years is rarer. The person leasing a new car or buying it on finance, and most new cars are financed, will be handing it back at around the 3 year mark. I'm not sure whether Relax will extend ownership periods, changing that new car purchase treadmill of repeat purchases every few years , afterall car manufacturers want that and its driven b
  4. Just a thought but could you try something like fire or stove rope wrapped around it to damp the vibration? I'd expect that it could take the high temperatures but I'm not sure what its resistance is like to rubbing and abrasion.
  5. Not sure, if you were buying used at 3 years old you would have had a further 2 years warranty, now the warranty has ended and any on-going warranty cover relies on you getting it serviced at the dealers, whereas a lot of used car buyers are likely to take the more economical option of taking it to a local garage or mechanic. Be interesting to see what the dealer's servicing costs look like.
  6. I don't have a solution, but can tell you what hasn't worked for me. I have exactly the same issue on my 2007 Avensis 2.0 D4D, needs cranking for a long time on cold mornings, accompanied by a lot of white smoke but fine once started and starts first time, perfectly when the engine is warm or during warmer weather. I know I've got one failed glow plug because it's seized but it's not worth getting it replaced, but 3 test good. I've changed the fuel filter and recently I found some threads on here, which refer to issues with the suction control valve (SCV) on the fuel pump being a known ca
  7. I wondered if anyone had replaced the stereo head-unit on a 2017-2019 Prius plug-in with an aftermarket unit and if they had, how easy or difficult it was, and whether it was possible to keep all of the features like the reversing camera and distance beeper working with a new unit? Were there any features you lost? I've been considering getting a Prius Plug-in but I'm a bit concerned that the built-in unit is a bit limited, not having Android or Car-play and I understand there's no upgrade available through Toyota for the Prius PHEV, so being able to upgrade it with an aftermarket unit wi
  8. Is it as simple as changing the valve and it just works, or do you need to reset the fuel pump or ECU to get it to learn to operate with the new valve? There are also some posts on here where people have said it's also necessary to get the ECU updated at the dealers to a new firmware version to get the full benefits.
  9. If they were mine I'd say that's wearing very fast and I'd be jacking it up and spinning the wheels to see if there's any dragging or binding, I'd also check the brakes when parking up after driving to see whether they're getting abnormally hot. I had a rear brake on my T25 which did that but it was really intermittent - be fine most of the time, but then on one or two occasions it would stick a bit and you'd notice the wheel noticeable hotter than the others when you parked up.
  10. Wondered if anyone had changed their front lower ball joints on the T25 (2006-2008)? The rubber boot on mine is perishing and weeping oil/grease so looks like it needs replacing, the parts seem cheap enough and it doesn't look too bad a job but I wondered if there was anything waiting to catch you out or whether it's a straight forward job? I'm going to buy a ball joint splitter - see you can get several types, wondered if anyone had a suggestion on what works best and what fits ok? Thanks, AJones
  11. For anyone wondered how often to clean the EGR, after cleaning mine it was fine for almost 6 years and 70k mostly motorway and A road miles before it had the same issue again - but another clean and it's working fine again. As before though, the solenoid really does need pushing open and a good clean of the crud around the base of the shaft as it seems to that which stops it shutting properly, as much as the crud around the valve faces and seat. For clearing the engine fault lights, I found this time that after the clean and driving it around for a few miles with a couple of starts, the f
  12. It's the UV from sunlight that's the problem - the articles I've seen online suggest that plastic headlights are manufactured with a protective UV-blocking outer coating, but this tends to wear away with age, exposing the plastic underneath which then turns yellow. You can sand and polish the plastic, to remove the yellowed outer layer, but a lot of the articles suggest that this removes what ever is left of the protective coating and unless you apply another protective coating of some sort (UV protection wax/clear-coats etc) then your nice clear plastic will soon age and turn yellow again.
  13. The plastic headlights on my T25 Avensis have been gradually yellowing and have some light scuffing/hazing, so ideally I'd like to restore them, if the restoration is likely to last at least a year or two. I've found plenty of different guides on methods for sanding or polishing off the yellowed, oxidised plastic but that's when they all get a bit vague about how long the restoration will last, and what you should do to protect them from UV, to slow or stop them from yellowing again. Quite few suggest the headlights soon start yellowing again within a few months, some suggest coating the
  14. The auxiliary drive belt (serpentine belt) on my 2007 Avensis 2.0D (1AD-FTV engine) is due a change and just wondered if anyone else had changed one of these on this engine? Looks straightforward enough in principle - release tensioner, change belt, re-tension. But is it that easy in practice? Or is the access a nightmare, will I need to remove the wheel, take out wheel liners to get to it? Thanks.
  15. Thanks to the OP and posters. I wouldn't have believed a bit of vibration from the pipe could make so much noise, it had got pretty bad and was very noticeable, i was concerned it might be something major but some new foam tape on the joint and a bit along the pipe and it's cured it a treat. With the filter box out it also gave me the push to change the fuel filter that I'd been putting off.
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