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  1. If the same happens to mine I think I would contact Osram to claim a refund. Is there any guarantee at all with the bulbs (Either period or hours use.?)
  2. Nightbreaker bulbs fitted yesterday. Managed the nearside one in a couple of minutes but offside one was difficult to remove once unlocked. Probably the rubber seal sticking. Eventually managed it and more than pleased with the result. So much so I was flashed by two other motorists (on dipped) and had to lower the beam slightly. I would certainly recommend them .
  3. Nightbreaker Plus bulbs arrived yesterday. Got them through Amazon (AP Motors at £24 Delivered). Will fit them tomorrow and take the advice from Valmiki and remove the air intake and coolant hose first.Do the connectors have to come off first before removing the bulbs or is there enough cable to take the plugs off after they have been removed. Otherwise the job looks fairly straightforward. I fitted H I D's to a previous car (Corolla) and the difference was amazing but I'm not sure about fitting them to my Prius. Has anyone tried it. would appreciate any advice on the subject.
  4. Thanks for your replies. To be honest I find the dipped headlights extremely dim compared to my last two cars (Qashqai and Corolla). It's not so much the distance but the amount of light immediately in front of the vehicle.I'll give the Nightbreaker bulbs a try to see if they improve things at all.
  5. The dipped headlamps on my 2010 Gen 3 Prius are so bad i'm surprised they have passed UK Construction and Use / Lighting regulations. Have only had the car a couple of months but having difficulty seeing when on dipped headlights. Other comments have been made regarding this but i don't see any recommendations for improving the situation. would a better bulb help at all.? Have even considered driving on main beam with the headlamp levelling turned right down. Help please before i have an accident.!!!!!!!
  6. I've had my 2010 Gen 3 Prius for two months now and although i think it's an amazing car, there's one thing that really bothers me. The excessive road / tyre noise. I have read several comments on this through the forum but i'm unsure as to what to do to remedy it. One thought was to change to Michelin tyres but to what extent would this help. My existing tyres are the original T3 Gen3 Bridgestones and as the car has only 9000 miles on the clock, there is very little wear on them. Has anyone changed to Michelin and what sort of difference did it make. It seems a drastic action to take to redu
  7. I forgot to mention that I got the Micro Sensors rather than the standard ones. These are smaller, about the size of a five pence piece and look more like original equipment than the bigger ones.
  8. I fitted reversing sensors to my 2010 Gen 3 Prius today and for anyone interested it's an extremely straightforward job. I bought from a company called Dolphin who although a bit more expensive than many ebay sellers have been a "what car" recommended company for their reversing aids.A big help for me was a article on their web page telling you how to fit to a 2010 Prius. The article included a detailed how to guide with photos showing connections etc.The complete job took me about two hours but could cut this by half another time. Toyota quoted me £300 to fit reversing sensors. The total cost
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums Technics kn7 :)

    1. Technics kn7

      Technics kn7

      Thanks Steve - It's good to be back with Toyota again. Sold my 8 year old Corolla a year ago with not one single fault in all that time. Changed to Nissan for a year but saw too many reliability issues with them and traded it in last week for a Prius. (2110)

      Beat Wishes


    2. Technics kn7

      Technics kn7

      Should Read "Best Wishes"

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