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  1. I take it you have already found the mic volume control in settings? (and tried adjusting it...) Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. You must have bought something for your car from them at some point that required you to enter compatibility data? You won't regret it. I've noticed it's a far more reasonable £66.40 now also... PS. Note that to download firmware updates to the adaptor, you need to be using the OBDLink app just for that purpose and your device needs to have an internet connection at the time of course.
  3. Firstly, thanks for posting this as I wasn't even aware of the app! Works great on my Yaris! You mentioned the OBDII adaptor. Well, since starting to use Torque a couple of years ago, I grew dissatisfied with the cheap eBay adaptors I was using at the time because they were so unreliable, even with Torque. The first "more expensive" one I tried was Carista and this improved things a lot. Still had the odd glitch but I could live with it. When Hybrid Assistant came out, I was still using the Carista and it worked well initially but as the app got more and more advanced, the shortcomings of the Carista started to become apparent in terms of its scan speed. Eventually and since I was using and relying on HA a lot, I bit the bullet and purchased an OBDLink LX from Amazon for £79.50 (got a -£6 promotional offer on the full £85.50 at the time) and I might add that this wasn't because of HA's recommendation, it was more to do with user reviews across a range of OBDII adaptors and I wanted the best available at the time. I am glad now that I did as the OBDLink LX has proved to be worth every penny in use and 100% reliable for what it does. One of the major advantages of the more expensive OBDLink LX is the 3-year warranty and the fact that it can get firmware/software updates from the supplier and because of these factors, I would highly recommend it for serious/continuous use (it also has a sleep mode when the car is off).
  4. I would agree with that last comment about Brodit cradles/brackets. Excellent devices. I have my Google Pixel 2XL sat in one every time I go out...
  5. I know plenty about "the subject" thanks and is exactly why I have NEVER filled up with "the cheapest fuel available"! (and I wouldn't touch a diesel with a barge pole either...) Read up on them (after market fuel additives). Most proper tests show that they have a negligible effect on a well maintained and serviced vehicle. By "negligible", I mean an ongoing "repeatable cost benefit" when you use the stuff regularly. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  6. Exactly my thoughts! [emoji6] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Did they tell you exactly what "fuel additive" it was?
  8. CPN


    I take back my last sentence! It would seem they've improved the search criteria since I last accessed it; which is a good thing.
  9. CPN


    Good advice! The gov.uk one is frequently wrong! (or generic instead of being vehicle/VIN specific)
  10. Found the page... https://www.toyota-europe.com/service-and-accessories/my-toyota/bluetooth-compatibility Try that page Dee. Follow the instructions for your head unit type etc...
  11. There used to be a matrix in pdf form on Toyota's UK website showing tested compatibility with a range of phones but I can't find it now... As I recall, from iPhone 4 onwards, the Touch unit was not 100% compatible in various ways but mainly as regards translating text messages etc...
  12. Yes Graham but was that with the iPhone X connected to the car or the iPhone SE (sounds like you had the iPhone X connected to the car the way you describe it which is not how Dee has it...). Nevertheless, your suggestion sounds like a good one to start with...
  13. Ok. Supplementary question: is this the first time you have tried it with this car/phone combination?
  14. I am so tempted to say "easy, buy an Android phone!" but that would be being frivolous lol! No, as Scott said, it is going to depend on which type of head unit you have. The Yaris that I bought in October 2014 had a Touch 2 unit which didn't have such a problem (with an Android phone anyway - I won't give Apple products house room - overpriced and underspec'd).