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  1. Never mind. He has a habit of doing that 😉 but you were well intentioned! 😁
  2. Reminds me of my favourite tagline and famous book "Do Androids dream of electric sheep?" 🤣
  3. I get your point Joe but does it really need to sound like a faulty car?
  4. Yes, I knew about the legislation Mike but I had yet to actually hear it with my own ears and I have to say that it is a VERY misleading sound in the case of our Yaris Hybrid. In fact my wife (when she heard it) banged on the window (I still had the radio on - probably why I've never heard it lol!) and told me to turn the radio off and listen as she thought there was something wrong with the car! After a few low speed back and forth manoeuvres on EV only (just got back from a 45 mile drive so the ICE and everything else was fully up to temperature), I realised what it was and it is such a stra
  5. This concerning the system in the title and as described on Page 78 of the manual... My wife and I first heard/noticed this today when moving slowing backwards and forwards in our driveway. (my wife first as I was still in the car) What a weird sound it is! How Toyota thought it was a good idea to simulate a sound that sounds more like rubbing/clanging brake pads is beyond me! No, I don't have a fault and yes, it definitely is emitted from the front of the vehicle (as described in the manual) but what a strange sound to pick on to "alert" pedestrians/people near the vehicle when it
  6. The latter half of your assumption is correct. Just leave it "on" all the time and the system will use/not use it as required by the ambient temperature. I am now on my third Yaris Hybrid with climate control and with all of them, I have left the a/c switch on all the time and controlled the temperature in the normal way. It also keeps the whole system well lubricated that way.
  7. ...but you have to be pretty quick! 😉
  8. When you say "I fixed the tires" do you mean that you fixed them personally or did you take them somewhere to get them fixed? I'm not totally familiar with how the TPMS system works on the Prius but if it uses Bluetooth valves, I'm really hoping that you are not going to reply that you took the tires to a workshop and that they trashed the valves in the process of repairing the tires?
  9. Sorry but this doesn't chime with my own experience? Was this a NEW Yaris Hybrid at first purchase? If so, I think that someone at that dealer is telling you porky pies! My new Launch Edition was purchased October 2020 and it came with two full spec keys as usual? As far as I and my dealer is aware it is certainly NOT "standard" to provide a "basic second key"!
  10. Exactly the reason that I stopped buying used vehicles from anyone over 20 years ago. I have also been quite demanding of any main dealer I've ever dealt with and in the case of the last 5 (various) new Toyotas I have purchased, I must have been lucky because the two main dealers involved with those transactions have been excellent, attentive and open to a good deal. Not all main dealers are bad. There is always another side to the story...
  11. CPN


    Ah ok. I'll dig a bit deeper... Unfortunately, the Carista app doesn't properly support my model year of Yaris (yet) I wouldn't have thought so? I have mesh wifi all over the house and it reaches the end of both gardens and the driveway 😉
  12. CPN


    From the reviews I've been reading it looks to me as if the OBDLink app would be a better bet for you and also remember that it can keep the dongle's firmware updated too...
  13. CPN


    Hmmm.... Now I know why I went the way of OBDLink and it's app! Using the Carista app with the OBDLink LX dongle sure enough works BUT when I did a full OBD2 scan of all 30+ ECUs, it came up with 10 codes to investigate and guess what? To look at any of the codes indicated, I had to get the Pro version and at £9.99/month or £46.99 for the year, I think not! ESPECIALLY when I repeated the same scan with the OBDLink app and it found no fault codes active at all!! (and the OBDLink app DOES support my model year of the Yaris) Now, I also noticed that the Carista app did not support my model y
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