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  1. CPN

    Does yours whine ?

    That is not normal behaviour at all. I would suggest getting it to your Toyota main dealer for investigation.
  2. Oh good grief! We stopped using shockwave YEARS ago!! (flash too for that matter) All hail HTML5!! lol! (I'm now starting to drift violently off-topic so I'll shut up now!)
  3. Ah! I haven't gone into it that deeply (tbh, I can't be bothered now - I must be getting old lol!) but that's a bit of a pile of pooh then! 😒
  4. Indeed but when you get into the hidden menus, you quickly become aware of a completely functioning GPS receiver unit showing a correct satellite fix that the head unit has access to (but only for the eCall sadly). Just seems a waste that's all... A bit of extra memory and some extra software tagged on to the existing would have been a simple thing to do without needing an extra NAV unit that some company could charge a fortune for... (I'm thinking of it with my Computer Programmers head on 😉)
  5. I can also confirm that this works. What a pity that the built-in GPS functionality is not extended to be able to use built-in navigation instead of AA or AC! Only using it as part of the eCall system is a complete waste!!
  6. Lee, check out my post above? There is definitely an issue in the new Yarises...
  7. My Launch Edition model went in for the Rear Seat Belt recall the other day and I asked them to check my climate control settings at the same time because I have also been experiencing temperatures way above what the system was set to (in my case 21°C). I showed them these two photos which highlight the higher cabin temperature after a full warm up of the ICE; as reported by the car's OBDII output to the Hybrid Assistant app on my phone and also a separate temperature indicator (1st photo - blow it up and you'll see the steering wheel icon). They did check and confirmed the sa
  8. Not sure if anyone else has had this yet but thought I would post it here as I just received my letter from Toyota GB yesterday. Here is an extract: At Toyota we place the highest priority on the quality of our vehicles and we are constantly monitoring the performance of our vehicles through a variety of sources. From time to time, we may become aware of a situation where a certain component or aspect of the vehicle does not meet our strict standards and that is why we are writing to you today. What is the condition? it has come to our attention that in the rear centre seat, due
  9. I have a Launch Edition with full auto climate and I can confirm that something weird is going on with the temperature control in our car too. I am currently investigating with various forms of measurement including the Android Hybrid Assistant app (which monitors 3 sensors via the OBDII port). Suffice to say that at a set temp of 21 degs C (as in our previous Yaris Hybrid Excel) we are feeling distinctly hotter than that once the engine has warmed up and HA is showing a cabin temperature of 27 degs! Watch this space...
  10. I did a similar thing with my last (2017) Yaris Hybrid and there was no lasting damage apparent although we were also doing a lot of long journeys through the year which helped to top it back up again. If you do a lot of short journeys, you may want to invest in one of these... https://www.amazon.co.uk/AA-Essentials-AA1432-Battery-Charger/dp/B084M5ZL5L/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=Solar-Powered+Car+Battery+Charger&qid=1607431625&quartzVehicle=29-405&replacementKeywords=solar-powered+car+battery&sr=8-7 ...which connects directly to the OBDII socket and works even i
  11. Absolutely I did. Neither have any effect whatsoever on the volume of the nav voice prompts. The only way is as I described above by drilling down to the menu under setup on the HU.
  12. Addendum: You'll notice that the Nav Voice guidance volume in the video is quite high and this is because I used the manual volume control via the "Voice" menu to change the level "6" from its default of 4 but I wouldn't necessarily want it that high at low speeds and this is why it is essential that you are able to change the volume from the steering wheel during periods when the surrounding ambient noise is at a low level...
  13. Thanks for responding Lee. Ok, I think you meant to set "Android Auto" as "preferred", yes? With Android Auto connected and running, selecting "Voice" (as you suggested) then gives an on-screen "manual" volume control for the voice prompts in order to turn it up or down but this is not what I was on about? Firstly, when you say "Hey Google" or "Ok Google" to invoke the Google Assistant, the first thing that happens when the system responds is that it mutes/drops the volume automatically of any currently playing audio which is what I would have expected to happen but this does not happen w
  14. Although the system indicates that you can adjust the guidance voice volume (whilst it is speaking) with the controls in the car, I have tried all the available controls but none of them work? Has anyone else discovered this?
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