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  1. You also need to make sure that your incoming and outgoing volumes are set correctly... (in settings)
  2. How are you connecting the phone to the car is the first question? If your phone is fully connected via bluetooth, the position of the phone is completely irrelevant since the mic used in this scenario is actually on the dashboard (see attached) and that leads me to conclude that you don't seem to be connected fully handsfree correctly?
  3. I wasn't aware that the Prius head unit has WiFi?
  4. Yes. It is nothing to do with having a "mobile hotspot" enabled. Your phone needs to be tethering via the bluetooth link (see screenshot)
  5. CPN

    Phone holder

    Depends on the phone of course but have a look at the Brodit range. Some would argue they are expensive but they are high up in the quality stakes... This is my Pixel 2 XL in a Brodit bracket.
  6. It definitely has one.
  7. Definitely does have it the wrong way around. (the rear brakes only start to operate (while light braking) once the vehicle speed has dropped under 9 mph or alternatively if heavy braking is applied)
  8. As far as I can tell from all your images, everything is working just fine on your head unit! Re: the sixth image about price warning, you can turn that off either in settings on the head unit or on the website (and it will auto sync the next time you connect to the car) You are aware that certain things are not meant to work (by design) yes? e.g. sending emails etc (for safety reasons) but also, get used to the "Sorry, connection has failed" image 4th from bottom since it happens with annoying regularity! Not your fault or the phone. It's rubbish head unit software! Also, be aware that their head unit software is as buggy as hell and behaves strangely at times...
  9. Rob, could you take a photo of the screen in your car that you are on about and post it here?
  10. I think you are misunderstanding something here Rob (either that or I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do!). If you are opening the e-store app on your head unit and it works fine, then you are already logged in to MyToyota fine also since you cannot open e-store without being logged in. You can't actually open "MyToyota" on your head unit.
  11. When you say "no connection to My Toyota", what happens when you try to access one of the free ones like "weather" or "e-store"? (I always use "weather" to check whether I'm logged in and connected or not)
  12. Just in case anyone has missed it, the Spring Map Update (v6.13.0L or H) is now available on the MyToyota website.
  13. I have just read through quite a lot of the reviews for "Blue Car Tethering" on the Google Play Store and I am at a total loss as to why MANY people think that Bluetooth Tethering is not available on their Android phones! IT IS!! IT'S IN "NETWORK & INTERNET" SETTINGS! (and has been a standard built-in feature since Android v6.0... (It's in "Wireless & Networks", "More..." on 6.0.1)) ...and I have been using it in my Yaris Hybrid since 2014 using a Google Nexus 5 (OS v6.0.1) and now a Google Pixel 2XL (OS v9.0) that were both using Vodafone. Works 100% all of the time.
  14. Be careful, you shouldn't need an extra app to perform Bluetooth tethering. It is built into the Android OS and will appear as long as your contract permits it. (AFAIK, most providers in the UK have stopped charging extra for tethering now and it is available on most contracts as standard)