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  1. That's a bit disappointing. I was hoping to get one just as my PCP runs out in September but that is looking increasingly unlikely now... ☹️
  2. If you're meaning me, hybrid only. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  3. Any news on an actual availability date yet? (or even a hint?)
  4. CPN

    Key warning light

    Now in that situation, I would agree and would probably use the handbrake myself but, like I said... "horses for courses" and all that...
  5. CPN

    Key warning light

    That is something I am always conscious of as I hate being dazzled by brake lights myself and is why I'm always checking my rear on brief stops and plop it into "P" if there is a car stopped immediately behind us. I guess we're just lucky living in a rural area with extremely light local traffic and we don't go "uptown" very often at all these days...
  6. CPN

    Key warning light

    I think we'll just have to agree to differ on this one. In 50 years of driving I have never been rear ended. In any event, if I do happen to be sitting at traffic lights and the stop is brief and not at night, I would tend to hold the car on the foot brake and in "D" for that period. Probably the only prolonged setting in "Park" whilst still "ready" would be at a level crossing (of which there are quite a few locally) and finally, in my local area, I have never found the need to park on any kind of grade. Extracts from Toyota's blog pages... "To recap, Toyota hybrids generally contain two batteries: a 12-volt battery (which powers systems such as the headlamps and audio) and a high-voltage hybrid system battery (which supplies the power to start the combustion engine and drive the electric motors)." "Unlike normal cars, the Yaris Hybrid does not charge the 12 volt battery via an alternator spun by the engine. This vehicle charges its 12 volt battery from the hybrid system, so if you are unable to take the car out for a run for any reason, just switching the system on for a while will do the job." (which will actually charge the 12V battery even if the ICE is not active)
  7. CPN

    Key warning light

    This is my second Yaris Hybrid and in 6 years with them, I have NEVER used my handbrake while parked. In my view, it is redundant in a Hybrid with a CVT and a positive mechanical transmission lock ("Park").
  8. CPN

    Key warning light

    Yes. It's because you omitted to put it in park when you sat waiting in the car. You should do this whenever you stop and turn the system off in a Yaris Hybrid. What position were you leaving the shift lever in instead? Even if you stop for a couple of minutes (waiting for someone) with the system left on, put the shift lever in "Park" while you wait. NEVER neutral because this disables the automatic charging (ICE startup) that would occur if the traction battery gets depleted... You have to change your mindset when driving a hybrid... "I heard a comment that by putting my foot on the brake and switching off it enables the radio etc. to stay on but I cannot find any comment in the handbook." ...because it is not in there! Don't know who said that but it's wrong! If you want to have the radio on without starting the car, just keep your foot off the brake and push the start button once (equivalent of the "accessory" position) but if your stop is brief, better to leave the whole system on and in "Park". That way, the main battery will continue to keep topped up as needed.
  9. CPN

    Key warning light

    The shift lever MUST be in "Park" and your foot firmly on the brake pedal BEFORE you hit the "Start" button. Try and get into the habit of ALWAYS putting the shift lever into the "Park" position (not just applying the handbrake) before switching off at the end of a journey but make sure you are at a complete standstill before doing so (it is a mechanical lock in the transmission). All you will have to do then when getting back in to drive the car is to apply the footbrake firmly before pushing the "Start" button and you'll be good to go. Note that the "Ready" light has to be lit before the system is fully up and running and you can move off. Also note that the ICE (internal combustion engine) will not necessarily fire up when you "Start" the car; especially on a warm day and if the traction battery is above at least 50% charge. By the way, NEVER use neutral on a Yaris Hybrid. It is NOT an "automatic" in the accepted sense, it is a CVT (constant velocity transmission).
  10. CPN

    Yaris 2002 problem

    Obviously take care as you'll be near a moving belt but you can try and localise/eliminate either the alternator or the water pump by using a long screwdriver like a "stethoscope" while it is running. Something like this 18" one that I have... It'll probably be easier to "listen" to the alternator bearing first by touching the tip against its casing (obviously being careful of the spinning pulley and belt!) as near to each bearing (front and back) as you can get and then putting your ear to the handle and listen, You'll soon know if it's that particular item. Be extremely careful when trying to "listen" to the water pump bearing in the same way as there's not much "real estate" around the water pump housing to touch safely! I hope you'll see what I mean. Try a dummy test first safely by trying out your "stethoscope" across the rocker box top so that you familiarise yourself as to how it sounds and actually how localised you can get with it. JUST BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU GET CLOSE TO SPINNING PULLEYS AND BELTS!! Don't just go charging in. Choose your spot carefully!
  11. The red plastic cover unclips and hinges upward...
  12. Interestingly, I just found this page which shows the battery is 144v for the Yaris Hybrid and not as I had previously said. It is also comprised of 20 7.2v modules and that looks like the 10 "Battery Blocks" equate to 2 each of these modules... Which probably looks like 40 of these! Just like you might use in a vaper! 😀
  13. Like others have said Irshad, time for a trip to the dealer (somehow) I'm afraid but here are some of the important screens you should be looking at to check the overall health of your HV battery... You'll note that mine is an earlier version of GTS but not much has changed in regard to the interface. From this first screen, double click on "Hybrid Control" or click the arrow bottom right. This will take you to a "Trouble Codes" screen which will show any errors that have come up. Click on "Data List" on the left and you'll get the first of 3 screens like this: Image 1 Scroll across... Image 2 Scroll across again... Image 3 On the 3rd screen you'll see the battery block voltages for each block in the pack of 10 (V01-V10). In my case, this was just after the ICE had shut down after its initial cycle. This next screen was taken after the initial switch on and the vehicle hasn't been run for over a week so will give you some idea of how low the HV battery may go in the normal course of events. Image 4 If you add these blocks together, you'll get the total voltage available from the HV battery pack; in my case 156.19v in image 3 and 145.77 in image 4. If you look at the top of image 2, you will see "State of Charge Max" & "State of Charge Min" which correlate to those two battery voltages currently in my Yaris. Hope this helps at least determine the health of the Traction Battery in your car.
  14. Those plugs look fine. Did you check what the module voltages of the HV battery are with Techstream? (there's 10 in the Yaris and each module should be 16-17v if in reasonable condition) The overall pack voltage should be somewhere around 160-170v. (edit: running and at max charge)
  15. I've never seen that image before on the Infotainment screen between 16-20 seconds on the video? It looks as if something is up/downloading?