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  1. CPN

    Firmware upgrade

    Went onto the site again today Lee and it is only showing "Last update date 19/08/2016" under that bulletin? How did you find XE3953 and where? (and yes, I am registered and logged in - have been for a few years) I suppose the important question is what is the bulletin number document that contains the link to the XE3953 update?
  2. CPN

    Firmware upgrade

    Ah ok. I went onto the EU site last night and couldn't see any reference to a new one? Still showing the old? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  3. CPN

    Firmware upgrade

    Lee, are you sure that XE3953 has the same bulletin number as the older version BE-0044T-0415 or did you mistype and mean XE3935? (which is what is loaded in my 2017 Yaris Touch 2 w/Go)
  4. Glad to see that Phil's advice seems to have paid off and got you going. Let us know how it goes...
  5. Ok well then I'm afraid that I am out of ideas to suggest on here without seeing the car...
  6. I'm pretty sure that Sarah's car is not a hybrid Scott? There is still a "limp home" mode even on normal cars when the ECU sometimes throws a non-urgent, non-damaging error but that still needs a trip to the garage...
  7. Just had a thought, has the 12V battery been changed as far as you know? (since the car was new)
  8. Ah right. Now I think I'm understanding it better. I could be completely wrong but it sounds to me as if the power train has developed some sort of fault and the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) has gone into a state called "limp home" mode. If that's the case, I'm afraid there is no alternative but to go back to the dealer 🙁 Sorry but without a diagnostics unit and actual "hands on", that's about as far as I can advise you on here.
  9. It's ok. There's a setting for the dimming thing but that's not important at the moment. What about the questions surrounding the dash cam?
  10. Ok... What type of dash cam is it? Does it have WiFi or Bluetooth networking? (or both) Are they switched on? So it's auto-dimming with the lights but going so dim you can't see it properly? Have I got that right?
  11. When you say "Toyota recognised garage", do you mean a Toyota Dealer or not? Is the head unit standard as far as you can tell? By that I mean is it a standard Toyota Touch & Go unit? (as it would have been in 2012) Finally, I suppose that the crucial question is when did the Nav (Maps) unit last work properly? Just a quick point about the Nav volume. Even though it has a separate control in the settings page on the head unit, it is linked with overall volume. By that I mean, if you turn the main volume down, the Nav volume goes down also. So, if your Nav volume was low already (say 1 or 2), when you turn down the main volume it will ostensibly turn it off! (silly I know but that's how they decided to do it)
  12. Hi Sarah and welcome to the forum. Quick couple of questions first, what type of Yaris is it and when it was last serviced, who was it by?
  13. You might want to try this tool of Toyota's... https://www.toyota-europe.com/service-and-accessories/my-toyota/bluetooth-compatibility
  14. If moving the phone about in the car affects the outgoing call quality, that would suggest that for some reason, the mic on the phone is still active and that the phone is not taking its outgoing phone audio stream from the car's mic via bluetooth. That sounds as if either something is not enabled correctly on the phone or there is a fault in the car's head unit Bluetooth module. One thing you could try is to turn the phone off completely and restart it (not just a simple screen off - a full restart).
  15. You also need to make sure that your incoming and outgoing volumes are set correctly... (in settings)