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  1. You may just get a nice surprise! 😉
  2. One thing is for sure... It is definitely an Excel because we checked out all of those features above...
  3. You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment... 😉
  4. I did exactly what you did there (even the tape measure looks almost identical!) but measured 10" where yours is showing 9"... As I said, next time I am at the dealer's, I'll take some photos of it. As in the OP, it is a Yaros Cross demo (emblazoned on its sides) that was built in July of 2021. I am pretty sure that I didn't imply or say that the wireless charging was any part of the Adventure Pack. Just saying what the vehicle model actually was that's all... (...in the demo car at the local dealer's which was an Excel Model with the "Adventure Pack" fitted (not available now).) I was told by the salesman that the Adventure Pack was not available anymore but if that is incorrect, that is down to him and not me...
  5. Ok, I can live with both of those explanations but I would have thought that under Android 12, there would at least be some indication in the wifi section of settings (on the phone - in the top bar) that some sort of LAN connectivity would be indicated whilst it was happening... I'll delve a bit closer next time...
  6. Sorry Bob but in this particular case, you are wrong and the next time I visit the dealer I will take photos to prove every single thing that I said in my OP. We drove around for about an hour with Android Auto connected via Bluetooth wirelessly from my phone and it didn't miss a (connectivity) beat once during that time (and there was no indication of any wireless network connection of any sort on the phone either - apart, of course for the BT link). Same thing for the wireless charging (which I admit to being surprised to find...).
  7. Really? So you are saying that I am lying about what I found and wrote about then? Could I politely point out that I am a retired Telecommunications, IT & Electronics Engineer. I know exactly what I am talking about thank you very much! I don't need a lesson on how to measure an LCD screen correctly thanks. The Smart Connect system (which references "Touch 2" during its sign on!) that it had measures 9" across the actual visible (lit-up - not the border) top of the screen but I will repeat again, this is NOT the correct way to measure a screen by industry standards and across the diagonal (corner to corner - bl to tr) it measures exactly 10" with a tape measure!! Oh ok, so that shelf with its own illuminated on/off button was a myth then and I was making it all up? Oh and my Pixel 3XL laying on it (the shelf directly under the head unit) and saying on screen "97% - Charging wirelessly - full in 8 mins" was also made up? Well in this car, it wasn't in that compartment. I would appreciate it if you were not so patronising thank you. I am not an idiot and do have a decent IQ level! At last something we can agree on! Next time I will make sure to take photos to back up every single detail of what I have said!
  8. We've decided to explore the idea of changing our 2020 Yaris Launch Edition for a new Yaris Cross so yesterday we went for an extended test drive in the demo car at the local dealer's which was an Excel Model with the "Adventure Pack" fitted (not available now). Our overall impressions were very positive but there were a few things to comment on. Firstly, I think Toyota needs to be instructed on how to properly measure their media screens! "Hey Toyota? Screens for all types of media devices are measured diagonally and NOT the way you do it!!!" (lengthwise!) So actually, the 9" screen quoted is actually a 10" screen in real terms (using the industry standard corner to corner) and that is a good thing! Even better is (and this contradicts some reports I have read on here) that the software/hardware (even on this July 2021 model) is not only fitted with the Touch 2 built-in Satnav but it also had wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto and it worked really well! It should be noted that the "wireless" part is not done using WiFi at all but via the Bluetooth connection. (you need to make sure that the Android Auto app on your phone is fully up to date for this to work) So, it was a simple matter of pairing with the phone's Bluetooth in the normal way and then prompts come up asking if you want to enable Android Auto (having made sure that you have checked the "wireless" option in the app on your phone first - see photo) and once you have done this, the "Projection" icon (top right on the home screen - weird name for an icon!) changes to "Android Auto" with the name of your connected phone ("Pixel 3XL" in my case) under it and bingo! Choices! I like choices! 🙂 One thing it does show up, by being able to switch back and forth from the built-in Touch 2 to AA/AC, is just how much better the choice of maps with AA/AC actually is and the final bonus with this Adventure Pack was the wireless charging shelf just under the head unit. So, get in the car, put the car in that shelf and everything is good with no cables in sight! I also like no cables! 🙂 (we also test drove an auto Aygo X earlier in the day and the head unit on that was identical in terms of software and hardware. A nice little car but a bit too much of a downgrade from the Yaris unfortunately...) One thing that I really did miss from my current car was the HUD. I have just got so used to it being there and being able to take in its information without having to avert my sight from the road ahead. It's a real pity that Toyota can't offer this as an option in all its model ranges. Something that the wife commented on was the lack of shelves and cubby holes in the Yaris Cross when compared with the Yaris which was a shame but not a deal breaker. The boot was a surprise in the Yaris Cross! Compared to the standard Yaris, it appears to be cavernous! Great, room for yet more junk lol! One of the things I noticed straight away was that I couldn't put the driver's seat as far back (I'm 6' 3") in the Cross as I can in the Yaris but it's probably only one notch on the rack and is liveable with in reality. It also ensures that there is at least room to get a pair of legs behind me! All in all a very positive experience and all that remains now is to decide what colour we want and to wade our way through the maze that is Toyota's option packs to settle on the one we want. If only they did a Yaris Cross in the same colour as the Limited Edition Aygo X with the Canvas Roof.... That is a sharp looking wee car and even though it is a little under powered, the 7 gears made up for it a bit and it was a relaxing drive on the motorway. 🙂
  9. That would be interesting to see what happens. On the keyless system and with the fob fully active (on ours). it won't allow you to use the fob inside to lock the doors because it comes up with "key detected inside" on the dash display. However, you can lock the door individually using its manual button above the interior handle of each door or, on the driver's door, use the "all lock/all unlock" buttons instead. (... of using the fob - even with the key fob inside the vehicle)
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