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  1. Mind you, I could never have managed that in my previous Mk3... I'd be down in the 40s (mpg) by now in that!
  2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (sorry, couldn't resist it 🙃)
  3. Also... with this current tank of fuel, I'm just about managing to cling on to a little over 50mpg average so far since the temperature plummeted... (last fill-up was at 60.89mpg...)
  4. Then you must have had a faulty one unfortunately...
  5. That's the exact same one that I've been using happily now for nearly 8 years. Excellent piece of kit.
  6. (what others have already said and...) Not really false warnings but up/down drifts in pressure as the ambient temperature changes. For example, if the TPWS system was set during the summer when the ambient temperature is higher, say between 15-20°C, even though the tyres were cold when the system was set for the correct pressures and then you get to winter and the ambient temperature suddenly drops by as much as 10°C, you'll find that the pressures will plummet by a lot; triggering a warning. Easiest way to stop warnings happening because of this is, once the autumn/winter weather sets in, set the tyres to the correct pressures when they are cold (haven't been driven on for an hour or so) and then to re-initialise the system for those pressures following the procedure in the manual. You could probably leave them set like that for all year round and never get a warning (unless you get a puncture of course!). However, you may find the tyres feeling "harder" than normal during the summer if it happens to be a hot one...
  7. Right. Having said that, I have watched my 12v at 12.2v, just before pressing start, dip to 11.8v just as the start button is pressed. (this cold weather) That is quite an appreciable dip in voltage for a "normal" start ...
  8. That is just not true. The 12v battery is exactly what is used to "start" the car. (for activating ECU's and the HV safety contactors) That is true.
  9. I found that with the rear window ones, they fit so well that the clips aren't 100% necessary but it is a different story for the front window ones because the of the length. I have experimented a few times at different positions to see if they are anymore secure but I have always ended up back at the places they recommend in the included instructions. During this experimentation, I have removed and reinstalled the clips several times and don't seem to have damaged the rubbers.
  10. Correct but he didn't mean a USB Splitter for your USB socket. Perhaps he meant something like one of these for your 12v socket (lighter socket) to give you more USB 5v power ports (no data needed) so you can leave the USB for your phone cable?
  11. Simply because I vape and (contrary to popular belief) it is not smoke but actually steam (water vapour) and the good thing about that is it does not leave any residual kind of smell (I vape iced mango & lychee) however, because it is steam, it has the same effect as huffing on a window! So, with the deflectors and the window slightly ajar, I am able to direct my steam output to the gap in the window and straight outside rather than on the inside of the screen 😉😁 (and, in hot weather, the A/C still is able to do its work...)
  12. The Heko ones, same as in your original post.
  13. I have them on mine. Excellent fit and wouldn't be without them and yes, they do work in the sense of their primary function; especially when it's raining...
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