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  1. Apologies for the belated (5 years)reply, the good news is problem solved! On my Avensis, the problem is the high pressure pump unit. There is a regulator unit at the back of the pump hold on torx screws that controls return flow back to the tank and the part is faulty. Page 88 of the manual that Peter posted above - "Injector supply assembly"
  2. There is no pump in the unit. Only electric coupler/connector(red wires) is for the fuel gauge.
  3. we must to say thanks to Pete for support ! ok your page is 11-101 have a look and you will see the booster pump. regards I took it out and it is not lift pump, just gauge, as far as I know 1CD-FTV doesn't have lift pump.
  4. I took the assembly in tank out to see if the there is a filter, no filter and no pump. Only denso supply pump as shown in 1st post.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Igormus. Just a few updates: On avensis there is no prime/lift pump in tank. No filter in tank either(Only fuel filter in engine bay, and this has been replaced). Egr cleaned today. Open & close freely. MAF cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. (Done it before on my 1.8T mk4 GTI) My engine and supply pump looked like the one in pic
  6. Similar problem to what I experiencing, Have you found a solution yet?
  7. Sounds similar to my problem, Have you found a solution?
  8. Hi, I recently took on a challenge with this 53 reg d4d. Long cranking time before start (8-10secs when cold, 4-5secs when warm) Cuts out when stopping at lights (Happens more often when warm) Sluggish, feels like in limp mode No OBD code, No EML light My Denso pump looked like this, Does it have any SCV valve?(Like the red & green one on RAV4) I have Replaced Fuel filter Checked and cleaned the intank fuel gauge, fuel pickup lines MAf sensor swaped with a working car, made no difference After some research, it seems a common problem, but no answer found in all these topic?! http://www.bba-reman...opic111781.aspx What should I try now? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. The symptom is very silimar to the one quoted below: http://www.bba-reman...opic111781.aspx
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums flygrip :)