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  1. Hi everyone, I have just received a toyota cutomer survey form ,to fill in after puchasing an avensis, and i cannot send in the completed form because it is covered in coffee stains! I dont seem able to log on to do the form on line ,so can anyone help with a solution, please . I am very pleased with both the car and the dealership, and feel that Toyota should hear that fact. MANY THANKS .
  2. I have just purchased a petrol 1.8, new, and i did a lot of searching before the deal was complete If you look at the motoring paper in The Telegraph on Saturdays, you might be aware of the very good piece by on this website they run reports on every new car. The report on his findings regarding the 1.8 petrol tourer IS EXELLENT. It made my choice a no brainer. Also , you will always have someone saying that they dislike cars that they have driven or purchased ,if that was taken as gospel, then nobody would buy anything. Two weeks into my new car ,i am delighted .
  3. Hi everyone, just picked up new avensis , and wondered if anyone can tell me if there is a switch to turn on any interior lights When opening any door , no lights are operating. . Thanks.
  4. OK, here is a question for you PLEASE... How can i find out from the VIN NUMBER,the build date of the new car i am about to pick up. THANKS.
  5. Soon to take delivery of 1.8 tr spec tourer [ manual gearbox]. and wondered if you people would recommend having the gearbox oil changed at the first service, I intend to keep the car for 5 years ,and do not know if the oil in the box is ever changed in service. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Mike. I am test driving the car today , so i will go with positve thought. I dont change cars very often , and have had a bmw e46 for 10 years, so this one ticks all the boxes.!
  7. could it be the caliper pins? On the Honest John website, under car reviews, it is a known fault wih this model, according to the data shown there.
  8. Hello to all the Toyota Owners. I am about to purchase a new Avensis Tourer ,fitted with the 1.8 petrol engine. My question is.. Is there any known faults with this unit? I have not heard of any problems, and it is well recommended., but you are the people to ask. .With your feedback, i can look after the car accordingly. MANY THANKS for your time.
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums valentino 46 :)