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  1. I own a toyota yaris CDx VVT i, automatic, petrol, 5 door hatchback. Last week car stopped all of a sudden and would not drive when put in D mode. Its a bit weird- If I restart the engine, car drives in first gear for a bit as soon as the speed increases it goes back to neutral & does not drive. This happens even if done repeatedly. After a while the D mode does not work at all but L mode works with the same issue i.e drives for a bit and as soon as the speed increases goes back to neutral or does not drive. My question does this mean gearbox is gone or is it some other electronic fault. I must inform for couple of weeks the exhaust pipe has broken, I don't know if the problem with gear has something to do with exhaust pipe or not I just want to be sure before I take it to garage. Please help
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums davidjones :)