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    1997 Carina E

  2. need some info on the following: at present im the registered keeper on the log book off my car, but if i change the registered keeper to another persons name within my household at the same address, will the dvla log that as a new keeper? i.e. will the number of registered keepers go up by one, or will it remain the same? Thanks
  3. ive got a lexus is300 and im using the v-power and i have to say that it does give me more mpg and makes the car slightly more responsive....been using it for around 2 weeks now but the first 2/3 fills, i did not notice much difference but now ive been using it, over time i can tell the difference....
  4. REDUCED TO £135, Almost Giving it Way at this price..........
  5. SonyEricsson K800i on Orange network......... Un-used and unregistered PAYG Orange Sim Icluded Comes With box, manual, charger, hands free and usb cable and cd software/pc suite has slight wear on the corner, screen is 100% perfect £145 ono inc postage Thanks
  6. Hi,, Im selling my V600i, been used for 3 months. comes unlocked with usual stuff: Box,Manual Charger and a hands free kit. Looking For around £55 + £5 Royal Mail Recorded Post.
  7. Hi, youll find your paint code on you VIN plate, which is either located in the engine bay or near the passenger door pillar as you open it. To find your paint code, on the vin plate look for the 3 stamped numbers on the bottom left hand corner of the vin plate
  8. its a 2002 face lift 2.0 vvti
  9. Hi, on my avensis i have the yellow malfunction indicator lamp showing/ take car to toyota dealer - im guessing its a fault somewhere, but before i take it to toyota is there any way off me reading the fault code myself?...if so how? Thanks B1NDA
  10. Hi, I have something similar...its more of a tuning box- i bought it of ebay a few months back for my vw transporter van......it boots ur bhp and torque and the results are amazing, the turbo boost i get sometimes hurts my neck when the turbo kicks in.... it kills ur fuel consumtion though....but worth it when your at a set of lights and you know youve got that extra power if needed :D -This is something similar to what i have got, its easy to fit just clips in.
  11. why dont you give your local chipsaway fella a call. 0800 028 78 78
  12. Hi, Im selling my Navman unit. i have had it since december 2005 and has been used everyday and never let me down. I now no longer need it as im getting a fixed unit installed into my van so the navman's up for sale. has a few light marks/ scratches on it i have installed the speed camera location onto it which is very handy, also has england,scotland,wales and ireland maps installed. comes with box, manuals, navman car charger, navman stylus, cds,navman protective case, navman SD Card.(it can take SD or MMC Cards), you can also use it as a PDA & MP3 player with This Software it has a touch screen lcd display or you can use the stylus. Looking for £95 which includes recorded delivery. PM Me if intrested payment via: Cash, Cheque or credit cards(all major cards accepted) please remember its not Brand new it has been in use every day since i bought it and is in Used condition.
  13. b1nda

    Samsung D600

    still for sale.... £120 inc postage...
  14. b1nda


  15. From the album: 600

  16. b1nda

    Samsung D600

    im selling my D600, its only 2 weeks old. Comes complete with: Instruction Booklet Phone Charger Software CD USB Cable Handsfree Kit TV Output Cable Bluetooth Headset its unlocked to all networks, black in colour sensible offers...please PM me. Thanks!
  17. give ChipsAway a call...they sort out dents and if the paint cracks they can re-paint the damaged area. 0800 028 7878
  18. i sold my yaris on ebay about 2 months ago....got full asking price...give it a go..its a free listing nothin to loose
  19. b1nda

    Vsc Problems

    hi, i had the same problem about 2 months ago......eventually the lights went off and have never came on since
  20. another thing is that 95% of car manufacturers now get the bumpers, bonets, petrol caps(most of the plastic trim) sprayed by private companies and the colour match is not allways 100% accurate(its a night mare for someone like me(work for chipsaway) when u get the colour code of the car, mix the paint & then u go to spray the bumper and the paint you have mixed is either slightly darker or lighter than the car colour...have to mix the paint again and add different paint to correct colour match :ffs: )
  21. Toyota Wont offer you much for your cars...i recently sold my yaris, it was a 05 colour collection model, i went to my local toyota dealer and he was offering me £5100 cash there and then for my car(felt like slapping him :ffs: ), in the end i sold it on ebay for £6700 cash........and it only cost me £7 to list it + i got to keep my RAC membership as the new owner did not want it B)
  22. the bloke is coming to collect it tomorrow....dont feel like giving it now...............
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