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  1. Thanks fella, Whats the damage on an offside unit then out of interest?
  2. The wifes '07 XT-R has just failed an MOT due to offside headlight aim being too high. She was told that the aim could not be sorted because there was a breakage. Apparently when the aim was adjusted the unit fell back to its previous position. Thats all the info I have as I wasn't there to ask any questions. So what is likely to be broken? can it be sorted on its own or am I looking at a new headlight unit? Sorry the info is a bit vague! All info gratefully recieved.
  3. Offers around £80 then? Interenet price on these will be approx £70 plus each.
  4. Have got two brand new tyres, (bar about 100 miles), that need a new home. They are mud and snow rated as can be seen in the picture. Would prefer collection but will send at cost if required, cast for P+P not known at this time. £100 will secure.
  5. iiyama

    Rear Fog Lights

    Excellent, thankyou! :)
  6. iiyama

    Rear Fog Lights

    Thanks for that. Unfortunatly I can find nothing in those diagrams pertaining to rear fog lights, only front! Have i got my blonde wig on again? ;)
  7. Have removed the rear bumper cover to fit a tow bar. On doing so I have discovered that the fog light cable exits to the near side rear of the car behind said bumper cover. Now here's the question! There is a three pin plug so that the bumper cover can be pulled away from the car and the fog light cable can be disconnected. It would appear thatof the three cables, one is -ve and both the other two are +ve. On the bumper side of the plug, there are only two cables, -ve and +ve. Why are there three cables exiting the vehicle? Am I missing something? Are near side and offside lights switched independently? If they are then why are there only two cables on the bumper side? I am a little confused! 07 XTR by the way!
  8. Any instruction anywhere as to how to remove these?
  9. iiyama

    Xtr Auto

    Fully understand your point about tyres and to this end have just ordered a full set of Goodyear Vector 4 seasons. Will report back with the verdict when they are fitted.
  10. iiyama

    Xtr Auto

    Profile not updated. Sorry forgot! Car is a 2007 XTR 2.0 VVTi auto. Have no idea if the noise was there before as the dealer changed the rubber before we drove the car.
  11. iiyama

    Xtr Auto

    Car was taken into main dealer at Hedge End today and they said there is nothing wrong. I am not convinced! However having had a quick look round the forum I should maybe clarify that the car is a petrol auto. This appears to make it a CVT box rather then a tourque convertor box we had in the 4.2. Is this correct? Only other thing I can think of is that the front tyres have been changed out to a pair of ditchfinder specials by the dealer we bought the car from and the rears are not matched to the front, (or each other!), and have a differing amount of wear. Apparently they were changed to the rear from the front. Been looking around for a full set of tyres, holy cr@p batman, they aint cheap are they?!!
  12. iiyama

    Xtr Auto

    Just taken it for a little jaunt. Whine is there in reverse as well. Quite a strange sound, almost like something is winding up to speed. It can be heard again as the box changes down to first just before the car stops. Not sure if I am being paranoid but it sounds worse in reverse, (I think).
  13. iiyama

    Xtr Auto

    Havent thought to listen in reverse, will give it a go! Havent checked the level either. Car had a major service done just under 8k miles ago @ 60k, (03/13), at a main dealer. Would this include checks and or changes to the ATF? Pointers please as to how to check box levels... :) Also, if it isnt there when reversing what would this point to?