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  1. Well, after multiple attempts to have this fixed, (most companies couldn't even be bothered to reply), I decided to do it, with lots of help from my brother in law. This decision was inspired by a Youtube video by, Mad Fox, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F7CySrt4Co Thanks to Mad Fox for the video. There are other videos by Peter Finn on Youtube, that helped. FOR MY CAR a Toyota Avensis, 55 plate, 1.8 VVTi Hatchback (ZZT251R-ALMEKW 1ZZFE 01.2003) Tooling. General hand tools, good quality gear puller - with thin claws, torque wrenches, to cover values of of 16 to 118 Nm. (M10 x 1.5 thread, long bolt, with large washers and large nut, to assist in squeezing the gears / bearings in).Parts used. I bought the two bearings, input shaft rear, PFI P/N B25-238D - cost £11.62 and output shaft rear NSK P/N B25-163ZNX.C3, cost - £19.73. Toyota ones will be more expensive and will most likely be the same. Also need Loctite 242, or equivalent, to threadlock certain parts. Gear Oil GL4 75W90, 2 x 1 litres is enough, 1.9 litres used. 2 x aluminium crush washers required for the gearbox drain and fill plug, Toyota P/N 90430-W0001, (or source similar OD 24mm, ID 18mm, Thickness 2mm). Silicon gasket - Toyota P/N 00295-01281, or equivalent spec, -60C - +200C. Only the output shaft bearing was worn, almost to destruction but it's worthwhile doing both once access is gained. The bearings were replaced with the gearbox still fitted to the car. For access, the left wheel, engine and gearbox trays were removed. We also removed the battery and air filter box, so that we could remove the forward and nearside engine mounting bolts, to lower the gearbox a little. Watch the video by Mad Fox above on the basic steps of the job. It's not too hard a job to do and could potentially save you a lot of money / your gearbox. I will try and attach a video of the issue with my bearing and some stage photos. Torque values Fork Bolt 16 Nm - with threadlock Bearing Cover 27 Nm - with threadlock Output Shaft Bolt 118 Nm - staked Outer Gearbox Cover 18 Nm Oil filler and drain Plug 39 Nm 1.mp4
  2. Hi all, I think my output shaft bearing must be wearing out, as there is a noise whilst driving in all gears. It stops with the clutch depressed. The input bearing appears ok, as there is no noise in neutral, with clutch pedal released. It appears to be a common problem across the Avensis and Corolla. There are no issues with any of the gears. Does anyone have any experience of having this bearing replaced and how much? Also, if you have, what garage did you use? Thanks in advance. Mick It's done 134,000 miles and is a 55 plate. Still on the original clutch.
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums microwave1965 :)