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  1. tiggs

    2Zz Engine Wanted

    need decent engine for corolla t sport
  2. yes but why would timing be out if impossible for chain to jump tooth and is original chain
  3. changed broken vvt selonoid , engine idle ok but engine pinkin quite bad when you put your foot down when driving. timing chain is original and garage say its imposible for chain to jump tooth. so it apears timing is out but to be honest nobody as yet has any idea what wrong with this car.all coils and maf sensor and plugs and o2 sensor have been changed please help thanks for any comments
  4. vvt solenoid faulty problems with timing so need new solenoid and if that dont work its a engine rebuild according to garage
  5. plugs were all black, same colour , i havnt checked fuel or fuel pump, i dont think head gasket is blown and i havnt done a compression test, ill have to take it to garage for that. whats the worst thing that could be wrong with the engine? worst case senario? and any idea of cost to repair? thanks for your help.
  6. my 02 t sport corolla is misfiring changed coils changed front o2 sensor changed complete airbox and all sensors on air box maf sensor etc changed plugs but they gone black and carboned up but they not wet,battery is good , dosnt appear to have any leaky vacuum pipes, computer said random or multipl misfire please help what else can it be
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums tiggs :)