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  1. thanks for all replys i just thought thay might last a bit longer as the tread was still good also im a bit tight where money is concerned.any thoughts on what tyres i should put on.two fronts are yokohama in very good condition.cheers
  2. tyres from new 40000 miles 8years old. wide cracks on side wall of both rear tyres, tyre tread still very good .thought thay would last a bit longer without rotting
  3. can I change battery in my remote key fob myself as i cannot find any opening and don't want to force it .when I try key in lock the alarm keeps going off.thanks
  4. used aircon today for about one hour when I stopped and got out of car. under car was dripping water is this normal for aircon .I have never had aircon before and there seemed quite a lot of water cheers for any info
  5. i got a wheel + tyre from ebay last year ,i used( wheel carrier .co.uk ).picked up in scotland delivered to me in essex £13.99 great service but you have to get the seller to put it in a plastic bag and address it for you.good luck
  6. thanks for replys will take it to a body shop see what thay think
  7. have found forum post how to remove rear bumper .looks to much for me so on to plan B and call in a favour from my garage manager friend if bumper not to exspensive??.its bound to be an arm and a leg.if it is then it will be plan C.back to insurance and blow my no claimes dis.cheers all
  8. backed into lampost. rubber bumper dented in paint pelled and cracked. can i fix this myself ie is it bolted on and is the bumper all in one right round to the wheel arch as it all seems like a plastic material do not want to claim on insurance and does it come already colour coded all help greatly appreciated
  9. does any one know if the rav is affected, looks like it is all japanese car manufactors are affected
  10. thanks for all coments read about a loose gas cap on american forum and relised they ment fuel cap checked it out and was not done up correctly ,tightened it to one clic started engine and low and behold engine was running on full power ??.had codes read at freinds local garage who also got rid of warning light codes are P0400 egr P0607 control module performance he did not no how old the code faults are but road tested and said the car seems fine and the 4x4 works fine could the fuel cap been my problem just keeping fingers crossed
  11. thanks for all postings have been reading all worst cases and now have big headach.was reading about loose gas cap and relised they where talking about the fuel cap.went outside to check cap and found it was not tightened correctly,have tightened it up to one click and started engine ,the warning lights still came on but engine back to full power and running perfectly fingers crossed how do i reset the codes as my 4wheel drive still not work cheers all
  12. hi anchorman how do i get the codes read and how does supermarket fuil afect the 4 wheel drive ?? wineman69
  13. 2008 rav vsc system check / check engine system / check 4x4 system all came on plus loss of power managed to get home as only 5min away 4x4 control switch does not work are all the messages connected to the 4x4 system .looks like a trip to the garage does this have to be done at main dealers any help please.
  14. just got rav back, drained and flushed through, new fuel filters garage said car seems fine and road tested ok .will top it up tomorrow diesel ultimat( not unleaded ultimat )black for diesel green for unleaded.my wife i have forgiven her ( should have gone to spec save ) and i will give it a test drive tomorrow.thanks for all your positive postings Laurie
  15. my wife has just filled our rav4 diesel with petrol ,she has driven it about 3miles to home not realising what she had done .called green flag to take down to my local garage to be drained ,waiting for them now ,dont no what the outcome will be keeping everything crossed
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