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  1. I just noticed that the coolant in the res. is at low. Can someone recommend some coolant to buy so I can top it up. My Rav is a 2008 D4D XTR
  2. I need to replace the rear wiper blades on my 2008 Rav4. I've looked around and think I've found a suitable replacement which is Are these going to be ok or can anybody recommend another make/model. Thanks in advance
  3. Mr T said its free with the service plans..
  4. Thank guys, just sign up for the service plan. Seems a sensible route to go as a full Toyota service history is important to me.. plus its MOT time in a couple of weeks and that free :)
  5. Our Rav4 D2D X-TR is coming up to the time for its 60,000 service. I rang our local Toyota garage to discuss service plans and he quoted me £780 (for the three years). He said to me, that at the 60,000 service, would cost me £380 alone (as it a big service). Is the service plan really worth it or should I just go to a local garage.. £380 a service (60,000 or not) seems quite excessive .. Let along £780.. What do you think ?
  6. Since I brought my 2008 Rav4 D2D XT-R Rav, I've only filled it up with Shell V Power stuff. This got me thinking as to what everybody else uses. So, what do you fill you rav up with ?
  7. Hi guys, My 2008 Rav doesn't have an aux / iPod connector for the stero so I was wondering if someone could reccoemnd a replacement stero for it or could I some how can I connect an aux / iPod connector into the original stero ?
  8. Ive just fitted some Osram H11 night breaker plus bulbs to our rav. But before I did it I noticed that the drivers side side light isn't working so could someone please let know know which ones I need to purchase. I believe 5w d type bulbs ? Is this correct ? Thanks again .. Newbie to getting my hands dirty ;)
  9. Thanks. Is it simple to swap out the old ones with these new ones ?. If so, how ;)
  10. Hi guys, just want to check before I purchase (don't want to get the wrong ones).. Are these the ones I need to get ?
  11. Can anybody recommend some sidesteps that can simply bolt onto our car ?
  12. That strange because when I use this site And enter my ravs details .. H11 isn't listed ?
  13. Actually I think I need these form dipped headlights
  14. Yes I've just noticed .. So these are the ones I should go for ?
  15. Where loving our Rav but the wife pointed tonight that the headlights are a bit dull. Looking around it seems that the stock bulbs in the headlights is the cause for this. In light of this, what's the best bulbs that I could get for my model rav ? Any help would be great !!