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  1. Cheers mally mines ready for service soon will ask what the score is then see what mr T has to say will let ya all know
  2. Cheers druid for your reply seems like a bit of a prob but looks like some better oil in might help thanks again
  3. Hi folks is this problem a warranty fix if so whats the cure ? New gearbox /New oil or what ? Would like to know,I have an extended warranty for my motor so what are the chances of it being sorted 580000 on the clock running sweet as a nut apart from the box your thoughts would be welcome :D cheers colin
  4. Thanks pete for your fast reply hope you have a good xmas and new year and all the best to the rest of the forum members cheers colin
  5. Thanks for reply igormus do I have a DPF on this engine or anything else to do with emission control just so I know what I,ve got under the bonnet many thankscolin
  6. Hi folks can anybody tell me which engine I have not sure if I have DPF on mine or not. Not had It long still learning Ha Ha Engine no 4415231285 variant ADT251(LT) version ADT251R-ALFEYW(1J) Cheers colin
  7. Hi folks this looks good http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/
  8. Yeah parking sensors would be nice, but cannot have everything. XP DEUS-the ones I got are carpet, if you think they are fit for your purpose then go for it, if you are not desperate for them wait they pop up now and again used but genuine and go for around £20. Cheers lads will take both of your advice no panic Iam all ears
  9. Thanks pete regards xp deus aka colin
  10. try ebay. I got a brand new a set of genuine toyota ones for £28 delivered. Thanks for the reply are these the ones http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e6dacaab7regards xp deus aka colin
  11. Hi folks as anybody got any idea where I can get a good set from thinking rubber wet feet B) thanks :D
  12. Hi folks picking my avensis up on 6 nov looking forward to it, As a new member I might be asking some daft questions be patient with me :D
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums xp deus :)