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  1. Hello, The level of coolant in my 2004 toyota avensis overflow tank has gone from full to low in a week. I have done some research and other site suggest that if the head gasket has gone then there will be bubbles coming out of the radiator cap when running. I did this this morning...topping up the radiator with coolant and there are no bubbles. The colour of the coolant looks a bright green. There was a small drop of black oily substanMy ce that floated to the top of the cap and into the overflow...but it was very small and didnt see another. I am hoping its just a leaky cooling system and not the head gasket. My next step is to take it to the garage for a pressure test of the cooling system and ask them to do a exhaust gas test over the radiator cap. Is there anything else i should do. Anyone have an idea of a ball park cost of a head gasket repair? Thanks, Bryce
  2. You should never, ever drive any car 40.000 miles (64.000 km) between oil changes. You need to change the oil as soon as possible. My mother has a 1999 Corolla with a 4A-FE engine, before she bought it my brother, who is trained as a Toyota mechanic, took a drive in it and said that the engine sounded wrong. It was the only 1.6 litre Corolla for sale in the area at the time, and the dealer agreed to fix the engine for free, so she bought it anyway. In the end they had to replace the short block on the engine. The reason for the damage was that a previous owner hadn't changes the oil at the proper intervals. The cars odometer was at 40,000 miles when it was has been changed before then. :)
  3. Hi, Ive just had a peek at the V5 and have some more info. Its 2004 (not 05) variant ZZT251(W) T3-S 1794 CC. 39.7k miles last time the oil was changed (I hadnt checked it after this) and the level oil light flicked on when going around a I checked it and had no oil on the dipstick (46.3k).. .added 2 litres and now its at the bottom bump on the dipstick. Thanks Igor and Perdaniel for your advice. I will have a look or at least be a little more knowledable when head for the garage. Bryce
  4. Hello, I have had my 2005 Toyota Avensis for 12 months now and have a couple of issues I would like some advice on please? a) Since its last oil change 12 months it has used 2 litres of oil. I exhaust looks normal and it doesnt smoke. B) The air heater in the car does not heat the air becomes warm when it wants...despite being on hot all the time. The water level in the radiator top up tank seems to disappear as well. That drops from max to min within 3 months. What can I top this up with...the manual says not to use water by itself. Thanks for any insight! Cheers, Bryce
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Bwithers :)