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  1. Having had several earlier petrol Avensis models I bought my first diesel, a 2.0 D4D Tourer in the spring. It was a pre-reg one from the local dealer. I have just given up trying to get used to the diesel characteristics and have taken a bit of a financial loss to get back to a petrol one. I'm so happy with it. OK I got 52.5 mpg from the diesel over 9,000 miles and I'm back to around 40 mpg with the petrol one, but the silence, lack of vibration and improved driving qualities make it all worthwhile. It's not quite so punchy when accelerating hard, but it's ultra smooth in all conditions. The lighter engine also improve the handling noticeably. I was lucky to find a pre reg manual Icon in a dealer not too far away (there are not many petrol ones about, most are diesels) . Only 5 miles on the clock and 6 weeks since registration but saved £4,500 against the list price. Go for petrol!
  2. I have a Witter towbar. I phoned the dealer who said I needed to have a check done whether I had a towbar or not and whatever make it was. Somewhat incredulous I e-mailed Toyota@vehiclerecals . First they said as I had no towbar (sic!) I didn't need a check and my car was removed from the list and I need take no further action. I wrote back to repeat I did have a Witter towbar. The reply was that only 'factory fitted' towbars are affected and mine does not need to be checked. What a shambles! Dealers will no doubt make money out of checking cars unnecessarily. Many owners will have a bother they don't need.
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums MartinC44 :)