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  1. Read my opening post ,same position as you abraxas. Regards Rob
  2. I set my warranty up with them on the phone 0844 871 8024 Twg services ltd (quote Toyota 5+ warranty). Ten payments of £32.90 per month =£329 and no penalty if you stop payments or sell the vehicle. Regards Rob.
  3. All done and direct debit set up,worry free motoring that we can all purchase. Rob
  4. Had a brew today with Anchorman and read the small print,same policy when car was originally purchased from Ron Brookes(Toyota) Toyota warranties, The Aspen Building, Floor 2, Vantage Point Business Village, Mitcheldean Gloucestershire. GL17 OAF Rob
  5. Bought my 06 Rav4 from a main dealer with 12 months Toyota warranty included,when it came to its end i had the option to renew. Ron Brookes who I bought the car off and RRG who fitted my new engine both said it would be £625 to renew my warranty for a further 12 months with unlimited mileage and that this can be repeated until the vehicle is eight years old.Also option to pay in full or ten monthly payments While thinking about renewing my Warranty with the Dealers I had a letter from Toyota Warranties asking if I wanted to renew my policy for a further 12 months with unlimited mileage for £329 and that I could repeat this until the vehicle is ten years old. Also options of full payment or ten monthly payments of £39 and no penalties if you sell the Car and stop payments. Which option would you choose Regards Rob
  6. Not 100% sure, you could be right. Rob
  7. Hi,Just wanted to know if the 2.5 that's was in the Hilux (that top gear tried to kill ) was the same spec 2.5 in the Hiace Vans. Regard Rob The 3 litre in the Hilux seems to have injector problems. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_KD_engine
  8. Hi , at the moment I have a 2006 Rav 4 with the replacement engine and want to know if the Toyota Hiace 2.5 D4D vans have the same oil related problems. Can anyone help as I'm looking to replace my Merc Vito 111 van with one and the Forum does'nt list any information on the vans or the engine. Regards Rob
  9. Hi, if your Toyota agent supplies and fits the new clutch it comes with a guarantee, if it's a secondhand or after market clutch YOU SUPPLY there is no guarantee by the agent. Regards Rob I had an Engine fitted under the extended guarantee and then the clutch fitted labour free. Clutch set, cov T31001-OW100 £299.76 +VAT 21/03/2013 RRG Clutch rel brg T31230-20200 £25.24 +VAT
  10. Rav has done over 500 miles on new engine now, RRG want it in for half a day this Friday to check it's all okay and to give Rav a mini Valet, all part of the Warranty. Great customer service. Regards Rob. Ps engine compartment pressure washed last Sunday looks fabulous,cheers Don.
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