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  1. Hi I wonder if anyone's come across this and could help me. I've got a 2011 Avensis Tourer 2.0l diesel. On Tuesday morning it wouldn't start. The dash lights, TNS510 screen etc came on as normal, but as soon as I turned the key to start everything died. The car would attempt to turn over once or twice, but all the electrics failed, clock/time and stereo all reset. I called out recovery and they jump started it and said that after a long drive it'd be fine, which it was until yesterday... I popped out at lunchtime to go to our local sainsburys, and the same thing happened again. When recovery came out this time, they jumped it, and then tested the battery which apparently was fine and fully charged. The alternator then checked out OK as well. I took it straight to our local dealer (still under warranty), and they did same tests and got same results, and are pretty stumped - the car was showing no faults on the diagnostic system. They have suggested that next time it goes like this that I should have it recovered to them, which is problematic because a) recovery will probably want to jump it first, and b) because of the electronic handbrake it'll take 20 mins of winding to get that disengaged! I wondered if any of you kind people here had any idea what this could be? I was wondering starter motor - would that sticking draw enough amps to kill the internal electrics, and is an intermittent fault like this likely? Thanks
  2. Hi Could you let me know how much the cables for iPod integration for the TNS510 are please? Part numbers are: PZ457-00261-00 (user cable) and PZ422-00260-00 (unit cable) Thanks!
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums richiewey :)