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  1. What should I be getting out of a diesel 52 plate Previa. I'm getting 36 mpg combine according to the computer but I worked out it is only 32mpg. Can anyone else say what they getting. Drove the car to London fron South Wales took £50 to do 250 miles, is that bad?
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    Poor Mpg

    Go to a bwe site called fuelly.com and you can see what other people are getting and you can log in and follow your MPG
  3. Could be MAF ( mass air flow sensor) try disconnecting it and see it is the best way. Warning light for the engine come on but it is ok in order to test it.Mine was doing it and would not go over 3,000 rpm and was smoking. They are £150 new , most on Ebay want £80 but found one for £26 on Ebay deliver, seems OK now. The MAF sensor sits directly behind the air filter if you look to the rear left of the air filter you can see where it connects to the air filter just pull the lgu and disconnect it and try it. Good luck
  4. It sounds like the MAF ( mass ait flow sensor) to me. Not a mechanic but had poor performance and a lot of smoke from mine occassionaly until i changed the MAF sensor, all OK now. Fuel filter is located to the right of the engine just by the air filter. It is really hard to turn it to release I think it was anti clock wise and there are to pipes which you need to disconnet first. Once you done it once it is easy but doing it first time is hard. Ebay is cheap I had mine from there or try GSF. It was a pain trying to put the pipes back in to the fuel filter but llike I said once you do it once i
  5. Have a look at website fuelly.com you put you car details in and compare your mpg. You maybe able to get other Previas on there too so you can compare.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums darko1429 :)

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