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  1. Well, just to keep this going: had one week of carpets up, everything drying out and apparently no new wettness. Definitely can't get to the exact point of entry. Had the rubber flap up as far as I can (with the help of some cutting), but its also fixed by all the electricity points in that corner and I do not want to cut any more (its too fiddly to try and avoid wires anyway). So - decided to put everything back together so I can drive again, just to leave some easy access gap to check from time to time fror new wettness. What happened - first day after this down to the car for a ride - all ajust as wet as before - grrrrrrr. O.k. it was particularly wet and windy today, but I am sure so it was at some point last week, plus I had that bucket of water down there - so why now??? Anyway - back to square one. Will have to do the drying out again and might then just in case, finally put some sealant around my windscreen, though I have no idea if that's the cause. So any other tips would be greatly welcomed.
  2. O.k., I did start this as an answer to a two year old post called "Finally got a Toyota", but think this calls for a more appropriate heading, if ever somebody is to reply to it. So maybe have a quick look in the above mentioned thread on which I posted yesterday. In short - I need to lift off the rubber flap that covers the bare body behind the pedals in order to spot (hopefully) the leak. Since there is a lot of electronics on the right side holding the flap in place and also several fixing points quite out of reach higher up - I almost think I will need to cut it out. Don't like the idea but can't think of anything else anymore (apart from handing over to some expensive specialist bodyshop). Any bright ideas anyone? Had a quick check after my screenwash trial yesterday and don't think anymore that this is the problem. There is no smell of antifreeze coming from the leak and none of the bluish colour either. Might be the same as Adam's leaking point after all. Poured down a bucket of water at that point just now. Not sure , seems to cause some fresh dampness, not sure though, but with all the foam lining it might take time to sink through. Will be back for checking tomorrow. (It's a 1999 3 door Toyota Corolla I am on about) Any advise greatly appreciated
  3. Are you still around, Adam, I joined this forum because your post above seemed to exactly describe the problem I got at the moment. Got so far now that I got all the carpet removed for drying and can see that the water is coming exactly from where you have marked your picture below that rubber flap. How on earth did you get that flap removed - cut it off? You would have to remove all the electronic connections and even then I can't see at the moment if I would be able to lift it off. So right now, I haven't been able to see those seams you were describing. Presently my suspicion is also that the screen wash tube might be the verdict. The wettness is mainly right in that corner where it seems to hide behind the rubber flap. Also there is very little of that water actually reaching the back window when I try it. Can't say if there is new wettness since I tried this, the foam behind the flap is still wet anyway. Haven't tried the hose against the windscreen either yet, just in case it might be the seal there (maybe because I don't have one...). So as I don't need the car right now the plan is to leave everything uncovered and wait a few rainy days (shouldn't be to difficult in Glasgow) and then check if this made any difference. Enough for now - need to cure my stiff neck from trying to see upwards behind the pedals...
  4. Just to say hello, joined a couple of days ago, because I was desperate to see the pictures another member had posted two years ago. Its all because I got a leak in my 1999 Corolla and that message I came across via search machine seemed to describe exactly the same problem. Now I can see the pictures - it also looks the same. Problem not solved yet - but I guess that's another story. My Corolla is my first ever own car, before that I always shared the car, but then I needed one for commuting. Bought it ca. 4 years ago and was told that it might serve me well for a year or so. O.k., it's had some repair to the brakes since then and it seems to have a tendency to need refixing of the exhaust, but otherwise its going well and I am getting quite attached. Cheers for now, Sylv
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Sylv_K :)