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  1. I noticed water running down the boot gutters and disappearing into a gap between the top of the rearlights and the body work, I'm a tiler so good with silicone, I ran a clear bead down the full length of the lights between the rubber seal and light itself, we'll soon see as it ****** down now :) Not what you expect of a modern car, my old landrover did the same :) Perhaps I should tile the whole car like a shower cubicle :)
  2. Thanks Sammy, how handy it is that I'm a wall and floor tiler then, I attacked it with some clear silicone, I had a look during the rain and it's so obvious where it goes, what a mistake to make toyota. Seems to be fixed and I watch the water safely travel down past the lights and off down past the bumper now :)
  3. Yes, just found my jack underwater completely, having just bought a 2003 Avensis, bad news, this can only lead to a rust issue going forward. If it stops raining I'll get out this weekend and have a recki.
  4. Hi folks, 2003 Avensis 5 door This is new one to me, I had the spare wheel out the other day, found some water in the spare wheel well, so I drained it then noticed the wooden cover for the jack was a bit wet, on removing this I found the jack underwater!!! and the wheel well full of water too, anybody know how this might of happened? Rob
  5. I have exactly the same problem, at between 60 and 70, I pushed it to 80 + and it was smooth and fine. Had the wheels balanced but changed nothing. Been nothing but disapointed with my 2003 Avensis since I bought, never again Toyota, but too late now.
  6. Hi all, sure this is not a new topic, but this is a new car to me and my first Toyota. Avensis 2003 5 Door Petrol. My wife's car mainly and she was moaning about having a sore foot due to the heavy clutch, I fobbed her off saying you'll get used to it. Well I got stuck in traffic today and it was a pretty unpleasant experience. it's not unpushable by any means but it surely can't be right. Toyota have been making cars for years, did they just get bored when they got to clutch on the Avensis and say oh that'll do? Anything you can do about I'd love to know. Cheers Rob
  7. There is a separate light on the ceiling, damn how stupid of me, missed the wood for the trees :)
  8. Ah, no cigar, removed the panel and there are just the two map bulbs no provision for a 3rd, doh!
  9. Thanks Alan, genius! :) Would never have thought of that.
  10. Hi all, Newcomer to the forum as have just bought my first Toyota Avensis, 2003 5 door. 1.8 Petrol. Very strange thing and maybe it is just a Toyota thing but when I open one of the doors the interior light doesn't come on, it does come on by using the two panel switches near the light but is not activated by the doors, I did remove the door switches and they seem connected and fine? Any ideas? Thanks Rob
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums robbieraven :)

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