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  1. Hi, maybe old news but herewith a link of a great website with a lot of download material per type. http://toyotasurf.asn.au/techsite/ I made this post due to my observation that severl members are searching for an owners manual. Enjoy reading, and when you there or more of this kind of websites, please let me know.
  2. Maybe we can stick just to Toyota's and leave an EPO discussion out, your statement is very black and white.
  3. Good morning all, just joined the forum and face some difficulties with finding my way. For sure I will manage over the coming weeks. I'm Dutch, 58 years young and my home country is France. Last week I both my third Toyota a 1994 Hilux SSR-X Surf with only 109.000 miles on the counter. The rubber of this car almost never touched the roads! What a fun for me And now I start my search to find within our forul the special section for all people who owns a Surf from the 90's. Cheers, and enjoy your day, and even more important your Toyota, Jan
  4. Searching for an owners manual Toyota Hilux SSR-x Surf 1994.

  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Jan Surf :)

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