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  1. Hello mate, Yeah your probably correct.The trouble is the fob itself isnt in the best condition the button is almost sitting inside the case as it is so i may just stick with the old fashion key in the lock.Whoever designed these fobs didnt seem to give them much thought no wonder they arnt used any more.
  2. Hello all (again) Ok yet another little problem but one that links to something i have already asked about.My key fob isnt very good,i suppose it is 15 odd years old.I have gone to open the car tonight and having pressed the button which now is almost inside the case it wouldnt open the car,(yeah yeah you have guessed it) I had to open with the key and i have set the immobiliser so it wont start now.What do i need to do as i wasnt told when i purchased the car.I have had to leave it at work and could really do with getting it sorted.Many thanks. Ok i have gone up to my car with the 2nd key fob i had which is held together with tape and thankfully that has opened the car and worked straight away.No more locking with the buttons for me its the key all the way from now on,what a !Removed! pain.
  3. Hello mate, Thats great i will give that a go.Many thanks mate.
  4. Hello, Not sure if this is a common problem but worth asking.My wipers seem very slow,i first thought it was dodgy blades put on by the previous owner.But once they are going and theres a lot of water they seem ok so possibly the motor. Has anyone else had this and if so was it just a case of getting a new motor,if so any good places to get one from.Any help would be great,many thanks.
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    Thanks chaps.Im searching around now but thought i would ask on here first as there are plenty of people on here that know a thing or two. EDIT, Found on ebay £20 for the set,nice.
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    Hello, I have just broken the luggage cover (i think thats what its called) on my rav.Its the one in the back on the drivers side.Does anyone know of good places to get a replacement.Many thanks.
  7. Great stuff thanks mate.I assumed they should be ok because when i first typed my reg into one of they tyre places it gave the 235/60 but when i looked it was the 215/70 that were on the car. Thanks again all.
  8. Thanks for all the replies.Although im a bit confused can i assume that no real difference will be made if i switch from the 4 215/70 on my car to 4 235/60 tyres.
  9. I dont know what you mean mate,it quite cleary says 215.
  10. Hello mate, Thanks for the reply.Im new to owning a 4x4 so does it make much difference what tyres i get.To be honest i have never really taken a great deal of notice before i have just got whats on the car.Its only after typing my reg into tyre places this weekend and it giving me one option but on the car i have the other,this intrigued me so i wondered what the difference is and whats the best. Im not going to be doing many miles,certainly wont have the chance to be doing very high speeds and it will be mainly road use. Just as a quick note after lots of searching i think i have found the answer to my question on another thread by bitman.
  11. Chaps i did ask this in another thread.My car standard tyres are 235/60 H16.On the car at the moment are 215/70 R16. Can anyone tell me what the difference is. And dont say 20/10 its not funny........i really want to know is it noise,grip,comfort or not really anything to matter that much. crofter you mentioned nexus,i cant seem to find much on them you didnt by any chance mean these did you, http://www.camskill...._60R16_100H_TL_
  12. I will take a look mate.I wont be driving very far either and certainly wont be flooring it so these could well be ok.Thanks mate.
  13. Thanks all for the replies.All look nice tyres a tad more than i wanted to spend,I realise tyres are very important and its a bit naughty by the person that sold me the car that im having to do this but heyho. Anway please keep the examples and advise coming im googling like mad at the moment.I found some fitted for £300 £75 per tyre but after looking into them they havnt got a good right up so im not going with those.I may well do two for now and get better quality then another two after Christmas.
  14. Hello mate thanks for the reply.My tyres are 215/70 R16 on a 1995 rav4 3 door.
  15. It seems i need 3 new tyres for my recently bought rav4.Im going to get all four done but would like to know what people recommend.I obviously want good,safe tyres but to be honest this is and expense i hadnt planned for so i need good prices.Please any recommendations and where to perhaps buy them from would be much appreciated.Many thanks
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    Blimey it seems grandad can look into the future by 8 mins could be useful for the horses this saturday.
  17. Hello all,another newbie who bought his first toyota Saturday.Anyway i need new tyres and when looking online yesterday after putting the reg in i was given these sizes 235/60 H16 but having looked on the car the actual tyres are 215/70 R16. The car is a 1995 rav 4 3 door. Can anyone explain why this is and whats the difference. Many thanks.
  18. Ha ha no worries mate,you have already been a great help.
  19. Wow mate how the !Removed! hell have you done that.Yeah thats it now are they simple to programme. Does that seem like a good deal,are new ones not around somewhere.
  20. Similar mate but it has the two buttons alongside each other one is black the other red and its more rectangular.
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    Hi All

    Hello all,another newbie who bought his first toyota yesterday.Anyway i need new tyres and when looking online yesterday after putting the reg in i was given these sizes 235/60 H16 but having looked on the car the actual tyres are 215/70 R16. Can anyone explain why this is and whats the difference. Sorry i dont mean to hijack this thread but it seems on a similar vein.
  22. Ok thanks again mate.Doing lots of searching and cant find one fob case let alone an actual fob that could be reprogrammed.
  23. Yes mate it does,although its very quiet you only know it has worked by the lights flashing.Also it only seems to work fairly near the drivers side of the car.Is it on its way im not sure but as i said the case has seen better days.