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  1. Hi Folks Can anyone point me in the right direction with this one? My son has recently attempted to install an after market radio after purchasing a 1998 Rav4. He has obtained the correct wiring harness to go from Toyota radio to ISO but upon fitting the radio, the vehicles alarm now kicks off and the auto keyfob appears to have gone defective, ie the red light flashes on the fob but will not open or lock the car. There is also a constant RED LIGHT illuminated on a small [panel at the front of the handbrake which I think is the alarm warning or activation sensor. The radio worked when fitted and everything else appears to be working fine. I have had to pull the wiring connector to the audible speaker under the bonnet. He can lock and open the car on the key but the alarm activates as soon as the door opens. Any ideas appreciated Garry
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums fledgesnurge :)