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  1. I had the same problem, got back from a 2 week holiday last Sunday and battery was flat as a pancake, luckily I had some jump leads in the back from helping a mate out previously otherwise I would have been p**sed. Not really good enough I have to agree. I've not contacted Toyota but may mention it next time it goes in for a service. I did give me more reason for some redline action on the drive back from the airport though :)
  2. Ahh i see, I always tried it with the engine on. I'll be turning that all the way up then so the light doesn't keep flashing at me! Thanks for the help!
  3. Does anyone know what function the digital rev display is? I have a manual gearbox, wondered if it was only used for automatics (just a guess). can't seem to find much information about it. I have attached a picture to show what i mean, it always shows --00 Thanks in advance George
  4. I've had mine just over a year now and without being bias it is a great little car. I traded in a much more powerful modded rx8 to get it and never looked back. You're right though, they could get a lot more power from it, but that's part of the charm, it loves to be revved and its fun doing it. Saying that, I've been keeping an eye for a decent turbo kit for mine. Same story with grip, they could have put big wide tyres that offered endless grip but instead the put the same skinny ones on that the Prius uses. This makes it tail happy and easy to play with, which is exactly what a potential buyer should be looking for. Its just a fun, simple car. If you are looking for muscle though, its probably not for you. Your money would be better spent on top spec German coupe that's a couple of years old, but be prepared to blend into the crowd! I still have only seen a handful of GT86's and all the drivers give a friendly wave or nod as you pass each other! Or you could hold out for what seems like an inevitable return of the Supra rumoured for 2015, it will be much more powerful and no doubt very good looking. By the way D240z great car, bet that's sorely missed!
  5. Ok, so I now know what I'm saving up for next!
  6. It really got my back up, but it's not the first time that sort of thing has happened. When i was in the looking for an rx8 i was refused a test drive because the manager didn't think i was serious I can understand that you do get a lot of dreamers, but if this guy had just spent 30 seconds actually talking to me he would have realised that i was just going to sign on the dotted line. Cars are my passion so most of my spare money goes into having what I want, much to the annoyance of my other half! Insurance isn't to bad actually, £800 last year and hoping for it to drop again this year. My rx8 cost me over £2000 when i had that so insuring the GT86 feels like a bargain now!
  7. It sounds like the majority of us have had the same disappointing experience. I went to my local dealership in Sidcup and had a thorough look around the car for a good 10 minutes and even sat in the car and had a read through the brochure at length waiting for one of the 3 disinterested salesmen to come over...nothing. I saw them look over but not one approached me. Eventually i'd had enough and left, I tried to book a test drive at Gillingham but at the time they did not have a car available so was forced to book in a Sidcup. I turned up for my appointment, said what i was there for and was approached by one of the salesman from earlier in the week with the greeting 'you came in the other day didn't you?' to which my reply was 'oh so you did see me then, assumed you were all busy'. But the response I got is what blew me away, I can't remember his exact wording but it was along the lines of 'because of your age I thought you'd just came in for a nose around the new car, not to buy'. I felt like kicking off, but at the time the test drive was more important. Long story short I had the test drive, sorted what options I wanted and had the finance approved etc...then went to Gillingham with all the paperwork and bought my car there from their very friendly staff. Because he thought a 21 year old was too young to buy a GT86 it lost him his commission. He called a week later and asked if I was still interested and had great pleasure telling him that I completed the deal elsewhere. I did look at the BRZ also, but Subaru didn't even bother to ring me back to let me know when the test car was in. I hate the process of buying cars!!!
  8. killed my rear tyres after hooning about all day. won't be getting Pirelli's to replace them though ;)

  9. Hi Nothing other than what ive listed, and most of that is just me being fussy. If your looking for something fun to end your MPV days, look no further. George
  10. Personally i wouldn't bother doing any modifications to it, i like the way it looks and goes. Having said that, i know if a decent turbo kit comes out i'll be first in line! But i'm sure as more bits become available in the UK people will be swapping out the factory wheels for bigger ones and going for more power. Seen a few pictures online/Instagram of US cars with a stupidly big wings on the back, looks ridiculous! Yanks!
  11. I really like the decals, but i would look a complete tool driving around the streets with them on!
  12. Don't i feel silly. Have to say i never notice the space button there in the bottom corner (hand over face). managed to input a full postcode earlier. I take back what i said about the Toyota software, it was human error all along After playing with Sat navs on Mercedes, Mazda and a few others that only allow half the postcode i quickly gave up and assumed Toyota had done the same. Happy its sorted! Cheers for the advice Devon.