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  1. ah okay, that saves me a lot of work . i used to my citroen van that was hot after around 2 miles. im still getting used to the auto lights and windscreen wipers
  2. my car is taking around 6 miles to get up to operating temp. can anybody tell me if its easy to replace the thermostat or do you have to strip half the car and is it an easy job to refill the water or is it like citroens where you need a header tank and lots of bleeding points
  3. its a 2008, ive just bought it about 2 months ago so dont really know what the windows are suppost to work of im just going of the buttons on the drivers door panel where it states full auto under the switches
  4. all cars suffer from front end wobble it just depends on how well the wheels have been balanced for the speed which the wobble occur. tread pattern can also effect the stabilty/ handling/wobble of the car my dad has an 2006 avensis and runs cheap £45 tyres and found the car would slide out on our country roads ( i dont have that problem on my 2008 avensis on goodyears) hes since changed his tyres for slighty more expensive tyres and the ride, handling has improved.
  5. hi yes i tried the teaching the windows and they go down by them selves now but you still have to hold the lever up to get the windows to close. i have not noticed a slight click on the buttons
  6. hi dont think 150 is out of the way, by the time you think of the time saving and if it stops my partner reversing into something, shes just passed her test very recently thanks for the replies
  7. hi can anyone tell me if its possible to retrofit toyota paring sensors into my 08 plate hatchback, is the wiring already in the harness. or do i need to buy an aftermarket kit?.
  8. hi thanks for the replies, its possible the battery was disconnected, the car was bought from a garage and had been there for a while as the price had been reduced when i bought it. i will try learning the car again. thanks again
  9. ive recently bought a 2.0 d4d tr with full auto eletric windows, can anybody tell me how these are suppost to work, as the windows only seam to go up and down while im actually holding the switch.. i would have thought that full auto would mean i only have to touch the switch once for full up/ down
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums stainlessstu :)