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  1. Hello..I've just bought gt4 same issue...ie no boost at all..new refurbed turbo,new de cat pipe,K& n induction kit...all std block etc..new gaskets all round genuine from my dealer...turbo is spinning fine..but no boost...
  2. I recently posted issues that I had with my newly acquired gt4 n reg Jdm.....re loss of boost.. But no replays....well I had the turbo refurbed at a.e.t turbo,s in Wakefield.. £750.... I also replaced a few hoses from Toyota & a few o/e gaskets so it should have been fine when I had re fitted today..fresh fluids etc all tightened up & checked all hoses etc...the car starts fine..it idles fine...it's sat 3 weeks...no fault codes on the dash...the car is std apart from a k & n induction kit ,new de cat pipe & std re built turbo...any ideas ????...I've just sunk £1000 into this motor & it's made 0 difference..😡😡😡..any members local in Essex Herts can pop over & have a butchers...I'm at a loss...
  3. Hello to all.. 2 weeks ago.....I recently bought a Jdm celica gt4 m 1995 2 l 3 s gte motor...std..fitted with the small std Toyota ct 20 b turbo unit...I brought it back from Torquay in Devon...nearly 300 ish miles..all good..last week I lost all boost suddenly...no warning nothing...now it just sits on the gauge bottom & spools up to the first mark...with a whooshing metallic sound...my brother in law stripped off the following...charge cooler,exhaust manifold,turbo & radiator....he found the following perished..manifold gasket, dump valve damaged,rocker cover gasket,main turbo hose to the air box,k& n air breather filter clogged / dirty...after a quick diagnostic check it came back with a code of 54...inter cooler or air pump...I sent the turbo down to turbo dynamics in Dorset last Tuesday...today I found the turbo is goosed...the housing is cracked,the turbine & compressor have been damaged & the wastegate housing is cracked...not repairable...so...I'm after the folowing please...turbo to air box hose std or aftermarket,std 16" alloys either 3 spoke or 6 spoke oe items,used turbo. Front manifold,de cat pipe & full exhaust..dump valve ,turbo timer,digital actuator??? I'm in Essex...with re any turbos I'm offered...I'd like to have it sent & checked at turbo dynamics ...before buying it..I don't want to get caught again...I like the car ...but I'm looking at keeping costs down..so I can travel & collect in person...before removal the charge cooler was full,with fresh fluid & it flowed when the throttle was used ..so I take it the pump must be ok???? Any gt 4 members local who can pop over to ware in Hertfordshire & shed some light?? Any help appreciated thanks jim
  4. Hello ..I've just bought a white 1991,t bar off e bay unseen last week.. £450 ....drove it home from Swindon to essex ....noticed a few faults so I'm after a few answers..1. At 70 mph quite a bit of vibration through the steering wheel....goes away at 80 mph...I've had both front wheels balanced & tyres have 5 mm tread matching budgets in 215/40 /17 w dl..2. When starting from cold it takes a few turns to fire up..resulting in a high tick over at 2000 rpm....& takes ages to come off then sits at 1300 rpm...most of my driving is in town & short trips max 2 miles..3 seems like it has a intermittent power Loss issue..its kangarooing on part throttle & when it's ticking over it seems like it has a small miss fire...4. Temp gauge takes ages to come off cold & when warm only sits at 1/4 up the gauge...this may be down to a leaking waterpump which is getting done today along with the cambelt it's done 144,000 miles with no history .. 5. Low Amber oil warning light stays on ..but it's full..switch/ sensor???..I've already spent £550 at gsf on the following...1 all service items 2 rear brake caliper...3 both front shock absorber inserts..3. Cambelt & waterpump 4 rear pads...5 rocker cover & sump gaskets...2 x new rear 235/40 17 tyres at.. £160 etc ...obviously was a bit of a dog..14 owners ...etc..I've still to do the rear exhaust ..ive ordered a used one off e bay ..bottom heat shields need a few bolts ..they were cable tied on...lol...so all in all..a bit of a money pit..I only bought it as my brother in law runs one...I haven't replaced the dizzy cap yet as they are £50 ish & after I pay for the cambelt I'm skint..so I got caught...but it's a keeper...so all in it stands me in at £1200 ..so if there's any members in essex that can pop up I'd apperiacite it..or any help / answers given...here ..cheers jim
  5. 4 x o/e std 3 spoke 16"standard alloys off a 6th gen Toyota celica st205 turbo gt4...these came off my n reg 97 2l gt st 202...they were origionally white but I sprayed them in aerosol black..they were my winter wheels fitted with winter tyres..ive now sold the car a few monthes back & no longer need them...they are not mint but are ready to fit..slight scratches & a few kerb marks present..however they are cheap @£85...collection from harlow Essex..just off m11 jct 7...cash on collection...ive listed these 3 times on e bay etc & im fed up dealing with idiots..maybe someone can use these..im now running a alpine white phase one 1.6 cti Peugeot 205 c reg 1986....ooh la la..lol...if interested ring /txt me on 07530 582 333 or here via the club
  6. hello..im travelling up the road from Essex on tues the 25th next week...to arrochar near dunbarton , Glasgow on tues /wed//then Edinburgh/ Musselburgh Leith wed any meets shows planned..either night..dragging my 84 year old mum along lol...& in my 6th gen...up for a beer...& a fish supper// left the fatherland in 86..was going to bring my little c reg 86 205 cti pug ...but the celica has a bigger boot...
  7. has to be a 6th gen all day..had a 5th gen ..nah..k reg mr2..nice but not enough seats/boot...so sold both & bought a n reg 2l gt..sweet!!!!!..needs more grunt..liking the st 205..gt4 in white..keep dreaming!!!
  8. had my 6th gen 2l gt n reg 96 for around 5 monthes. all fine with 131,000 miles.... yesterday ... car has just started crunching / & feels "notchy" when changing from up from 3rd to 4th..& back down from 4th to 3rd .sometimes it struggles to select reverse....is it a replacement box/rebuild..or will some fresh fluid sort it out...car is fine apart from this..car is worse when cold..imainly do short trips eg 1/2 miles max.work /school max..but im taking it to Scotland from Essex on tues for 4 days..should I be worried???all other gears are fine..any help /info much appreciated..if it needs a new box ,clutch etc..how much should I look at paying?? any used gearboxes here for sale??
  9. hello..ive ran a 2l gt uk spec 6th gen celica for 6 monthes...all fine..until I loaned it to a mate while he sorts out his sick golf..im in Essex & the car is in oxford..also ive not seen it /heard it.only via a mobile speakerphone.....but he said he opens the car..turns the key ..& all it does is crank over..ie turn turn turn...but no starting..so im off there tomorrow morning..now..im going to check the following..1.TAKE ALL PLUGS OUT 1 AT A TIME & CRANK THE CAR WITH THE PLUG ON THE HEAD..CHECK FOR SPARK..THEN MOVE ALONG X 4..NO SPARK?? CHECK FUSES,RELAYS COIL ETC..2. CHECK FUEL LINE UP TO THE FRONT OF THE CAR..NO FUEL...FUSE,,FUEL PUMP, RELAYS??..??3.BATTERY...NOT ENOUGH CRANKING.POWER../ JUMP START REPLACE BATTERY...4.I HAVE NO KEY FOB FOR THE CAR..I BOUGHT IT OFF E BAY..ONLY 1 X KEY..NEVER CAUSED CONCERN TILL NOW..ONLY HAD 1 X PROBLEM..IF LEFT 2/3 WEEKS THE BATTERY WAS FLAT..IE NO INTERIOR LIGHTS DASH LIGHTS NOTHING..CHUCK SOME JUMP LEADS ON ..& BANG..SHE FIRED UP..CENTRAL LOCKING,DOOR LIGHTS,WITH A STRANGE SUCKING NOISE COMING FROM NEAR THE AIR BOX AREA?? WTF??..APART FROM THAT..IM GETTING IT RECOVERED...BACK TO ESSEX ASAP..RE THE FACTORY FIT IMMOBILISER HOW DO I CHECK/REMOVE/BYPASS IT..??TA JIM..
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums jimmy b :)