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  1. hi,well update on my avensis after talking to the service manager and showing them the paperwork i had i'm happy to say i am now driving a brand new avensis touring as a loan car while mine is having the engine stripped and rebuilt under warranty thank you for all the information i have had it was such a help when talking to the service reception very happy man now got to admit toyota uk and westover toyota bournemouth have in my eyes a superb customer relations and service i wouldnt hesitate to buy a new avensis touring from them after this SUPERB STANDARD so far i will keep you updated thanks Chris
  2. Thanks Scott, thats got to be the best news i could possably want my car has 50'000 miles on it and 4 years old so within warranty can't thank you enough for this,i dont want to get anybody in trouble but could i save and print the bulletin off and take it into my local dealer just so they know i have the correct information,i won't do it if it could cause problems for anybody thanks again your help is very much appreciated regards Chris
  3. tbh they have said it seems to be using a lot of oil i check it once a week and top up when required i know diesels do use a bit of oil but when it was checked today (i checked it saturday and topped it up)the level had dropped a lot only just showing on the dipstick,just dont understand how a toyota avensis with 50'000 miles can require a replacement engine i have always found them totaly reliable and nearly bulit proof
  4. i have just got my car back from the local toyota dealer went in for black smoke and under powered just to confirm its the egr valve which at a cost of £325 is being replaced on wed's but i have now been told oh no it requires a replacement engine aswell but i have to drive it another 1000 miles in a dangerous condition of being underpowered (pushbikes go faster than i can lol) should i be paying for the egr valve as its the engine problem of over consumption of oil that is caused it which has been admitted by toyota has anyone on here had this problem any comments would be much appriciated
  5. hello, now ive managed to sign in, not to good with computors lol i have a 2008 avensis estate i havnt owned a toyota for some years the last one being a 89 3ltr supra then a 93 celica then i went a bit mad and got into subaru imprezas for a few years but alas i have had to grow up my wife told me to so now have a sensable car (got to get a toy soon its killing me lol) tbh i really rate the avensis comfy and smooth maybe a bit slow but its just right for what we need anyway its a big HELLO from me Chris aka nipper
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums nipper65 :)