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  1. Ok with me, but some of those weekends already booked
  2. Interesting stuff. Thanks for that. Guess I'll have to try and sort it. Had a letter back from Toyota today, asking for more details, at least they're not telling me to get lost!
  3. Website says it sorts all that, p&pauto.co.uk if you want to look. Getting fed up, just looking at possible options.
  4. Don: I thought I was the only one that was posting in the early hours!
  5. There's a company that will remove the dpnr, they say it improves mpg, etc. Any thoughts on this anybody?
  6. I obviously gave them that info, that's why I wanted them to check it out
  7. On the way back from South Wales on Sunday, it had been doing 80 mph on cruise control for about 90 miles. We came up to slow moving traffic on the M4, so took off cruise, as car was slowing down a large cloud of white smoke billowed out.
  8. I'm not convinced either, but don't know enough about it. Apparently, some oil out of the old turbo may be in the exhaust or catalytic converter, and needs to burn off. I need to give it 3 or 4 weeks to clear itself. I am just repeating what I was told! There were no codes showing, and they could not get it to smoke on a test drive. Apparently the mechanic who has been working on my car ha 15 years Toyota experience. I did 400 miles over the weekend, at least 90% on motorway or dual carriageway! I also would have thought that would be enough to clear it. I think I am going round to my local Toyota dealer for a chat tomorrow.
  9. Garage can't find anything wrong, they think it's just oil in the exhaust that will take a while to clear. Let's hope they're right.
  10. RAV going in tomorrow at 11 am, collect it Wednesday afternoon. Have to fit it in between my work and when hubby can help with drop-off and collection. Let you know what they say. Working tonight, so guess I'd better have an hour's kip before I go.
  11. I've done that and it's enabled, but still not working. It was working until a couple of days ago, then just disappeared
  12. But a very important lump of metal!! Why are my smilies not working?
  13. Yes, bit of a joker, but then the world would be pretty boring if there weren't people like him around. It's good to lighten the mood sometimes, eh?
  14. The coolant level, indeed all levels are as they should be. I had a compression test done a few weeks ago, that was ok, so not the head gasket if that's what you're thinking.
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