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  1. I think i'm right in saying that SHELL and others put a additive in for the winter which reduces the waxing affect to diesel. This might also have an affect on MPG. Removed my EGR, inlet manifold and cleaned, was dirty, Intend today to do a temp blank off of the EGR to see what happens (most probably a MIL light will come on)
  2. Have you filled up at a different garage in the past, I once filled up at a SHELL in Wales which promptly clogged up my diesel filter (was on a Peugeot 407) which caused a MIL to come on. Cheap to change the diesel filter just for a check......
  3. Hi, night time is the best time to see smoke....... when some one comes up behind you.. drop the pedal and take a peek in the rear view mirror. Might not be able to see the color properly but will give you an idea of quantity.
  4. Hi all, been looking at EGR v MAF readings. Notice that EGR commanded swings alot from 10% to 44.7% and 80% without much change in MAF readings........... comments please,
  5. I see you come from Meath..... is that near Neath, if so, just as a side note, I do some work at Jteckt Resolven from time to time
  6. Join the club, why do you think I have a gallon can as an avatar. Avensis 2.2 2010 43mpg on motorway, 30 around town...... still looking for the answer.... this week end, EGR to be removed as "Tourque" on Android shows EGR fluctuation from 20% to 80% with not much chanage to MAF reading. Me think it's clogged up with soot and ~#"t. Don't know what 5.1l/100km equates to but sounds low. You don't say what engine you have in your Avensis...? I'v only had mine 3 weeks and only get 440 miles to a tank of 50l, come from a 2005 2.0l Peugeot 407 which returned 51mpg on motorway and 45 around town....
  7. Hi Bob, with Torque you can also see live data and a lot more like tracking you journey (Crumb Trail with speed denoted my colour), re-set the MIL light, all for about £15 for the bluetooth OBDII device bought from ebay. AS long as what it shows is correct the it an absolute bargain. I see that the Sealey VS8702 EOBD Code Reader cost about £71 on ebay. In relatiy we will only know it the Torque software works correctly when its put up against the Sealy OBD scan tool........ Thanks for the reply Wireless Car ELM327 OBD2 OBDII Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface CAN Bus PC Android ( 180906894791 )
  8. Hi all. Bought a 2.2 Avensis on a 60 plate and I'm getting low MPG (43 Motorway, 30 around town). Recently bought a Bluetooth OBDII adapter and loaded "Torque" on to my Android table. All very well, unless you are viewing the results with a faulty car and so the info means nowt.... Has anyone else used "Torque" software? I'm viewing the EGR feed back which looks like it's always moving while the car is traveling. Would be nice to have a library with other Avensis users adding info to as we go along.
  9. Hi Telboy78, I'v just come from a 407 Diesel to a 2.2 Avensis. Peugeot = 52 motorway mpg, Avensis = 43 mpg and 30 around town. Missing my 407 already. As for you Eco lamp..... no idea.
  10. Thank goodness other Avensis tourers have notchy gear change, thought it was just mine.
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums harvey130 :)

    1. harvey130


      Many thanks Steve. Just sold my Peugeot 407 2005 (52 MPG), bought 2.2 2010 D4D tourer (39 MPG).

      50k on the clock, looking to remove and clean EGR. Looks like this forum will be very usfull.

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