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  1. spares or repair needs work engine rebuilding £500 pics on retro rides
  2. adam would you have a hiace engine by any chance 12r please
  3. geoff have you still got the hiace or any bits left , just bought one
  4. 12 r 18 r 5 r please help save this very early hiace i bet the earlist in use
  5. bought a 78 hiace new lander camper needing a engine if you can help . or i can rebuild this 12r but need parts , the camper is solid as is the cab and chassis , a bit dated inside , and crappy single glazed windows but i love it
  6. or please tell me what motor will fit the gearbox or engine combo will go in thank you
  7. hi i am having same problem . bought a 1978 camper and the engine needs a rebuild . so looking for another motor. or can i get shells rings etc in the uk
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums shelti :)