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  1. worst that looks to me is a leaking rocker cover gasket bud, about €12 from the main dealer.....if you don't change it its a minimal oil loss at best but if you're as perfectionistic as myself just get a new gasket......they go like the clappers on the 1.6vvt-i's ....and its the same gasket....dont know what €12 is in sterling but its still cheap haha ......the tappet-style oknoise is a characteristic of a good few of the non vvt-i engines when at idle/low revs after they've done a bit of mileage, once it doesn't sound like a mk3 fiesta there's nothing up, just change that rocker cover gasket
  2. oh right ya sorry, i kinda misread your comment, i was tired haha , ya 171 isnt right at all, it's one of the bigger ones in it's class like
  3. it's plenty long, i can almost lie down in it with the seats up like, we got a single mattress comfortably into my buddy's one before christmas, as i said the only issue is with the width of the boot !!
  4. you could definitely fit 2 people lying down , the only place you would be caught is with the width, a buddy of mine at work has one and the boot is long but it's a bit narrow due to it being an estate. If you really need the sleeping thing another guy at work has a skoda superb combi(estate) it's more than big enough to sleep in !! i know it's not a toyota but it's an option given that it's about the same price !!
  5. do you own one or are you thinking of renting/buying one ??
  6. there's 2 screws pointing upwards on the plastic surround of the clocks, remove them and carefully remove the surround, there's a further 3 or 4 screws holding in the instrument cluster itself and either 1 or 2 electrical connector blocks at the back remove those and hey presto !! the bulbs themselves are in these little plastic holders that twist and pull out of the back of the clocks, all very easy to do !!!
  7. the idle on my 1.6vvti is a bit rough as in it feels like an older diesel idling, i know that my battery isnt great and i was wondering if anyone knew whether or not a battery that wasnt 100% could affect the engine idling due to it trying to keep the battery fully charged as the car runs off the battery not the alternator ????
  8. mine's the same...... whats wrong is the connection at the back isn't great......but if you just tap the glass over the needle a few times it comes up to where it should be !!!
  9. if your idle is dodgy i'd clean out the throttle-body before anything else and see if that helps, if not your alternator could need a new regulator or just tighten/replace the alternator belt !!
  10. a lot of friends of mine have avensis models between 2007's and 2012's ....petrols are good , the vvti's these days are nice and nippy so dont feel as dead as most petrols would by comparison to a diesel, if it's town/city driviing your gonna be doing then go with either a 1.6 vvti petrol or a 2.0 d4d, the 2.2 d4d is heavy on juice around town and is a little problematic, the 2.0 d4d is bulletproof , 2 friends of mine have them as taxis(not an ounce of bother) and another has one for to and from work whick=h is like 8mls each way with an occasional spin at the weekends(again not an ounce of ha
  11. My 2002 avensis isn't idling exactly like i think it should, now the idle speed itself seems all good to me relative to engine temp. and all that but it just feels a bit jittery at low idle /hot !! theres a constant diesel-like vibration at low idle !! is it just a manky throttle body or is there any sort of adjuster screw around the throttle-body or anything like that ?? any help would be great thanks in advance, Nick.
  12. any bulb on the centre console are these tiny capless bulbs about the size of a tic-tac ..they're cheap even from the main dealer but dont really come in LED ..the ones in the clocks however (as in rev-clock, odometer etc.) are standard 5w capless bulbs and and there's only 4/6 of them depending on the model.....those ones do come in LED but not from the main dealer, just ebay "5w capless LED" and you'll get loads of results, normally just a few euro a pair !! hope that helps !!! .......btw if you are getting LED ones though i would avoid blue as it changes the colour of the red on your rev-cl
  13. all i could suggest is to look for the 2 pins that are most discoloured .....these will more than likely be the 2 you are looking for just cross them with a multi-meter and see what happens !! hope that helps
  14. i'm not trying to sound cheeky or anything but are you pushing down fully on the button ?? to make the auto work you have to push til you feel like a gentle sort of "click" in the button...same goes for pulling up on the button !!
  15. How's things lads, Just recently bought a 2002 1.6vvti saloon and i find the steering slightly heavy when at low revs, i.e. parking etc, does anyone else notice this ??? ive had a fair few corollas in the past and dont remember the steering being any way heavy ?? another question, does any1 know if it is easy to change the inside fan resistor ?? i need mine changed as my fan doesnt work on "lo" or "2", only on "3" and "hi", it's more annoying than you'd think coz it's hard to regulate the temperature to a bearable degree when the windows start fogging up and you need hot air !! last question,
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