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  1. Hi Does anyone have any problems with the oil level on a 2015 2 litre business edition avensis. With no obvious leaks it’s using about 2.5 litres of oil every 3000 miles. Exhaust looks clean and power appears normal. Oil inside the filler cap also looks ok. If a little black. With 8500 miles to go to a previous service the oil light came on and it needed 5 litres of oil. It’s just happened again 3500 miles after the most recent service. It’s only done 67000 miles.
  2. bigmoxy

    Blue tooth

    I have a 2015 avensis business edition. When I use Spotify or Waze the music / directions only come out of the drivers side speakers. When the radio is used the sound comes out of all of he speakers. This is the same if connected via Bluetooth or the iPhone cable. Does any one have any idea why it not all in stereo. My old 2012 avensis is the same so i am not sure it’s a car problem.
  3. really ****** at having paid 100 pounds this summer to up grade my 2012 avensis touch and go to latest map update to find that the riems (France) ring road that that has been open since Feb 2011 is not included. there are also similar problems for major roads in Belgium and Italy. Does anybody know how to, and who make a complaint. i could have bought a Garmin with lifetime maps for that price. i expected better from Toyota after having 4 new avensises over the last 8 years
  4. just bought this from cant complain at the price
  5. just tried to fit a genuine toyota boot liner ordered from benfield leeds. unfortunately is is approximately 8 inches short of the back seats. does any body know if there is a an alternative part number to OPZ434-T3302-PJ. if not does anybody know of a good quality none toyota alternative.