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  1. I have a 1.8 Corolla verso, I am thinking of having it converted to LPG Any thoughts on this? for or against. I also have a Aygo on LPG for the past 4 years, a great little car for one or two people, about 120miles for £7. The verso is returning 35 miles for £7, I know it is a much bigger car and more powerfull but would recoupe the investment over the years. (I intend to keep the verso for a long time my last car a Volvo we had for 16 years) Regards caba
  2. caba

    Air Bag Switch

    Hi Bos, Thank you for your reply to my post. I searched all around the drivers side for a switch, it is on the end of the fascia, by the passengers door as you said. I do not have a hand book which I,m sure would give me all the answers. Regards caba
  3. Hi, I bought a corolla Verso 1.8. The air bag switch is on showing me the airbag is switched off, where is the switch located to turn it back to a working air bag? this car had not got a hand book with it. Thanks caba
  4. Thanks Steve! I am new to all this forum stuff, I guess it will take a while to find my way.

    1. caba


      Hi I am the proud owner of a Corolla Verso 09. my air bag light is on, can someone please tell me where the switch is located to turn it off? I bought it without a hand book.

  5. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums caba :)

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