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  1. Got a new front wiper from Eurocarparts but it seems they’ve given me the wrong one, for the prev gen aygo. Can anyone give me a part number or link to the correct blade - ideally Bosch. It’s a gen 2 Aygo - RHD
  2. Can anyone confirm if warranty covers suspension parts such as drop links etc? There’s a knocking noise coming from the front of the car and I suspect it’s a drop link or similar, cars only done 23k miles - seems premature really.
  3. I think maybe my profile says Midlothian but should be Edinburgh.
  4. East Claremont motors.
  5. There’s a garage not far from where I live, good reviews and fairly quick I’ve heard. I’ll give them a try.
  6. Thanks for the info, just purchased the Petronas 7000 and will be getting the filter from euro - a Bosch one and get the anti freeze ( for a top up ) from Toyota. Is there any recommendations for brake fluid or just go with Toyota supplies?
  7. Around jun 2020 as far as I know.
  8. ^^ appreciated. Toyota want £295 for an oil / filter and brake fluid change. Seems expensive to be fair..
  9. My mums car has over 170k miles and still going strong
  10. Or
  11. Toyota want £75 for the oil alone, 5 litres. Is this oil ok?********VR1roxhfnEx7hD94SWf-XGyH0qLz4elU7TEnkaAu1eEALw_wcB
  12. Is Toyota the only place to get the oil and anti freeze? Yes around 1 year warranty remaining but i thought as long as genuine or equivalent parts are used then the warranty is still valid..
  13. Hello everyone. My wife has a Gen 2 Aygo - 1 litre petrol. Due to Toyotas extreme service price I’ve decided to do the next service myself - 25k miles / 5 years. I need the following, Oil filter - Bosch? Engine oil - Castrol 5w30? Spark plugs - can only find Toyota ones which I assume are Bosch? Brake fluid - Pagid 4 or 5.1? Antifreeze - genuine Toyota or any red antifreeze? I’d like to stick with genuine or branded parts where possible, located in the UK. Thanks
  14. Sorry for any confusion. I only engage reverse when the car is stationary. The biting point is towards the top of the clutch travel & by normal speeds I mean I put the car into reverse with the same momentum I put my manual golf into reverse. If I slot it into reverse slowly the car is fine. Seems odd for such a new car?