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  1. Yes is has the touchscreen with DAB, rear camera, car info etc.. so to confirm, with iPhone there’s no way to use navigation display on the touchscreen?
  2. There doesn’t seem to be an option on the menu. Sales person told her she needs to download an app - I’m assuming it’s a phone mirroring thing via maps?
  3. Hi, my wife needs to start using her nav in her aygo for work. Can anyone tell me how to get the nav on the screen and if there’s an app required to do this? She uses an iPhone. Thanks
  4. If it turns out to me a wear n tear item. Can they try to charge me for any labour used to diagnose the fault?
  5. Makes sense ^. I’ll have it booked in. What’s the chances of them replacing it for free, or will they try fob me off with wear n tear
  6. Hi. I have a 2015 Aygo and I’ve noticed after some town driving the clutch will start to judder when taking off. It’s not violent but defo noticeable. Mileage is 24k and clutch has never been changed
  7. Got a new front wiper from Eurocarparts but it seems they’ve given me the wrong one, for the prev gen aygo. Can anyone give me a part number or link to the correct blade - ideally Bosch. It’s a gen 2 Aygo - RHD
  8. Can anyone confirm if warranty covers suspension parts such as drop links etc? There’s a knocking noise coming from the front of the car and I suspect it’s a drop link or similar, cars only done 23k miles - seems premature really.
  9. I think maybe my profile says Midlothian but should be Edinburgh.
  10. There’s a garage not far from where I live, good reviews and fairly quick I’ve heard. I’ll give them a try.
  11. Thanks for the info, just purchased the Petronas 7000 and will be getting the filter from euro - a Bosch one and get the anti freeze ( for a top up ) from Toyota. Is there any recommendations for brake fluid or just go with Toyota supplies?
  12. Around jun 2020 as far as I know.
  13. ^^ appreciated. Toyota want £295 for an oil / filter and brake fluid change. Seems expensive to be fair..