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  1. kawakev


    Hi folks Have a mystery for someone to try and solve. Yesterday for some reason the vsc light came on, then my clock went back to one oclock.reset clock but when I turned off the ignition then on again the clock was at 1 oclock again. I had heard somewhere to try a reset by disconnecting the battery. This I did but to no avail. Now to make it worse the central locking does not work or my alarm. The car starts ok.Ps I had the brake pads and rear spring changed 10 days ago. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. kawakev

    Towbar Help

    Does anyone know which towbar would fit my rav. its a 2005 facelift No luck with the wanted section, so back to ebay.just wondered if there was a specific kind I had to look out for. As in not one I have to cut parts of trim ect. Any help appreciated.
  3. Hi folks Just thought I would chance my luck and see if anyone has a towbar for a 2005 rav for sale. Did try ebay but majority wanted postage that would double the cost cheers Kev
  4. kawakev


    Thanks for your replies. Will give a call to chips away.
  5. kawakev


    Hi folks Has anyone used the services of chipsaway or smart techniques. I have a trolley dent on door and a scuff on rear bumper end cap and wondered if they are any good
  6. kawakev

    Vsc Light

    Hi folks Wife was out in the car today, (couple of inches of snow on road) when going round a corner she said the car started to slip sideways and the vsc light and alarm came on. Is this supposed to happen and just the car telling us its doing it job or is there something needing looked at. Light did go off again regard kev.
  7. kawakev

    Is It Right

    So Ian i seem to be getting around the same as you, amazing with the replies it can differ so much.
  8. kawakev

    Is It Right

    Yep set trip in garage and 255 miles done and light came on.
  9. kawakev

    Is It Right

    Will try merseysharks method as i have just refilled again.
  10. kawakev

    Is It Right

    I converted my litres at fill up to gallons then divided my mileage covered by said gallons. i know its rough but cant think of another way.
  11. kawakev

    Is It Right

    Hi folks, filled car to the top which was£68. This gave me 255 miles before the fuel light came on.not having a trip computer, it equates to 22mpg. Is that right for a vvti. All miles done doing short commutes.
  12. kawakev


    Hi there, the pdf is extremely helpful.the last picture is the kind of set up i have.i take it to get to the last stage albeit the last picture being different, i still have the fixings in similar places.dont want go in with a screwdriver and find their different.have a haynes manual but no use for this section
  13. Wishing u all a merry xmas and thanks for all the help in the short time i have been here.
  14. kawakev


    Hi does anyone know how to change over the recirculation switch on an early 2005 rav bye the way morning all
  15. kawakev


    Hi does anyone know how to get the recircultation switch out. it is stuck in the on position. cheers kev