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  1. Just to add, I've only experienced the knocking sound when the car is put into reverse, most of the time it's fine and sometimes it seems very stiff when putting the car into gear but most of the time it's fine.
  2. Since I have had the car back from the garage after replacing the driveshaft, it sometimes makes a knocking sound when put into gear. Most of the time it drives fine but very rarely I get this knocking sound. I have took the car back to the garage but the noise never happens when the mechanic is there. Any Ideas?
  3. Pink lasts for 5 years, if you've had blue antifreeze in there the system needs to be flushed through before you add the pink antifreeze.
  4. I've added 2 stroke to every diesel I've owned, never had a problem with the egr, very noticeable difference when driving, less gear changing, smoother idling, etc.
  5. Just to add, was the air filter changed during the service? If not it could be causing black smoke and loss of power.
  6. I'd try adding some low ash mineral 2 stroke to the diesel and take it for a good run.
  7. Once you've fixed the problem try adding 200-250ml of low ash mineral 2 stroke to each tank of diesel to stop the egr clogging up in future.
  8. Just phoned Toyota to price the driveshaft up, with vat it was over £600.
  9. Just got the car back from the garage, cost more then I was expecting. £276 in total. £186.60 for the part, vat included, £30 surcharge, £60 for 1 hours labour. I usually try to source the parts myself from eurocarparts, on this occasion I was unable to source a driveshaft (nearside front) and so was left with no option but to leave the garage to source the part. I have used the garage over many years and they have always been pretty good with the quality of work and prices but I can't help thinking I've been had over on how much they claim the part cost. What do you guys think.
  10. Got the car to the garage this morning on a recovery truck. Mechanic said it's definitely the drive shaft, can't remember if he said nearside or offside . They have to order the part which may arrive Monday. I tried to price the driveshaft up myself, not listed on eurocarparts but from £80 upwards on ebay.
  11. Thank for the replies. I'm not sure what part is broke, will take it to the garage tomorrow morning. The cars an automatic. I was reversing very slowly and put the gearbox straight into drive whilst the car was still going backwards, next thing I can't get any gears. I thought it was the clutch originally until the AA man told me it's the driveshaft.
  12. Hello, I drive a 2004 1.8 auto Avensis. Driveshaft has just gone, had AA cover and got them to tow me home. Is it easy to replace the driveshaft? I'm not planning on doing it myself but just wanted an idea if it's a headache or simple job. Thanks
  13. Are pagid pads and discs acceptable?
  14. I had a power steering leak in my old van, I used Lucas power steering stop leak fluid and that did the job, cost around £10.
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