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  1. I'd go for TRD CAI. In 1.6 its easier to install than in CTS cause you dont have the air pump and foglights. You just have to cut headlight a little, and headlights are Valeo, so they must be cheap. As for advantages of CAI over BMC CDA: 1. in TRD CAI you keep the original volume of the air duct 2. in TRD you get unrestricted airflow, whereas in CDA you have to keep part of the original piping (curved like hell) with the airflow sensor, and you have to make additional piping (also curved) to supply air to the BMC. 3. TRD is cheaper and you keep your warranty.
  2. WHERE???? Pls, post em again.
  3. Theres KN panel made for CTS available. For gains search archive. BTW. Its useful and nice to first search, then ask.
  4. Imek


    Try this: www.toyotaautoparts.com Ted's really helpful.
  5. Around 15.2 is what CTS owners in Poland regulary make.
  6. Here are some pics of my TRD CAI install. Took me 13 hours in total. This is how I had to cut my headlight, so the pipe fits under it. Here is from the left: Air pump, air box, air pump silencer, original air pump mount, my design new air pump mount. And here how the CAI is routed in the engine bay. Where the pipe goes down the air pump was originally installed. Now it is placed under the battery, between the radiator and gearbox.
  7. Imek

    New Cts!

    I kept flooring my CTS since day 1 and now 23k km and no problems. The dyno shows 192 hp, so the engine is very healthy. Keep it flooring.
  8. I want TRD for warranty issues. My dealer assured me if i put TRD will not void warranty. The TRD has been fitted by 04 XRS owners succesfully, so the pump shouldnt be that much of an issue. Worse is with the head light -- maybe sligt mod will be needed, will see tomorrow. From the pictures i got from one of Sportivo owners with TRD cai it looks like ypur headlights have totally diff, shape in the back section. I dont want to cut anything like Bobby did. The only thing i can do is to remove the air pump, as it is not that neccessary and affects emmision only during startup.
  9. Its simple: 1. We have an air pump, which you dont (but this can be removed) 2. The headlight is of different shape than yours, so the intake pipe doesn't want to go under it. I'll be fitting it tomorrow at my friends garage. Will take pisc and post them, so you understand.
  10. OK, so from what you say, it looks like injen goes through the blower hole. TRD which I'm trying to install does not go this way. It goes below the headlight and this is my main problem -- there;s not enough clearance.
  11. I drove my cts in +30 C and had rattles that were eliminated, and now am driving in -20 C and have no new rattles. And the roads here are as bad as in Greece or even worse.
  12. So is that why you had to cut the chassis? How did you solve the clearance problem? Did you try to install TRD CAI? or Injen only? And do you know what is the air pump for?
  13. As far as Ecu remap, I think it's only offered in Poland and Czech rep. Probably newer CTS models have read-only ECU. Some italian mag tested CTS 7.15 0-100km/h Search archive and you'll find answers to all your questions.
  14. Imek


    I see no point in fitting the brace, as the struts are half-merged with the firewall, and it gives proper stiffness to front suspension. I have friends who fitted the brace and saw totally no difference. But it looks really cool! B)
  15. Imek


    Rev it all the time. You have at least 3 years of coverage, so why bother. Then you can always buy additional 2 yrs, so another reason not to bother at all. Just remember to use good oil and change it as often as your budget permits. I change mine every 7,5k km, but my CTS screams near the redline almost all the time (for year and a half now, and no problems so far). Just buy lowernig springs, please. :)
  16. Not yet. First I want to fit that damn TRD CAI, but now it is too cold and I don't have heated garage. But I think I'll have the remap by the end of feb. Of course will post dynosheets.
  17. Now I'm trying to put TRD CAI in. I have minor problems, and have to wait till weather improves (now its -20 deg. C :o ). When I have my CAI fitted (probably this month or early feb.) I'm going to re-map my Ecu. At first I thought of 210-215HP map (ppl are running 210 HP map and nobody had any problems), but yesterday I learned that the "remap" guys have developed 260 HP map for our engine. Of course you count reliability in seconds with this map. But, if 260 HP is possible, I decided I'll go for 220-230HP remap. Of course I don't want to harm the engine, so I'll choose a map that is safe. I'm really looking forward to improving torque figures and torque curve especially. Of course will post all my results and measurments.
  18. Wait till facelift in summer...
  19. Thanks, but this info doesn't change anything. Last year they said its gonna be out in november, and this year they say summer... And 225hp? Such a gain would be acceptable with E1500-2000 pricerange, but I have a strange feeling that the price will be closer to E4000. Hopefully when TTE's out someone will copy it and sell for less with pulleys for more power.
  20. Yes, this is true, facelift is coming this summer (I've heard this from other source).
  21. There are 2 Turbo kits for 2zz-ge (XS & Stafford - read celica forums), 1 SC (Blitz) for £4500, and I havent heard of TTE compressor yet.
  22. And you didn't have problems with headlight (the pipe doesnt fit under) and the air pump? I also have TRD CAI for my T-Sport, but tried to fit it really quick and noticed problems with: - Headlight is too deep so the CAI dont fit under it - the air pump doesnt allow to fit the cone properly - the fog light problem...
  23. Until recently the best thing about rollas was that you didn't have one. But now, since you're stuck with one everything has changed...
  24. Gramcar's right However, yokohama suggests 6 inch rim for their 205 tyres. But it's the only company to do that...
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