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  1. Hi G and thank you for the reply. I maintain the filter element was never changed in the two rav's, they were that tight. I eventually got them off and welded the cracks with a soldering iron, they're ok but I'm still on the lookout for two new ones. There are a lot of them on ebay ok, but very few are for the rav4. The parts man refused to give me the part number, so I had to suss it out myself. Next time I'll really heat the engine just to break the seals, but it'll be carefully put together with oil in the right places. The part number is: 15650-38020 and if you come across it maybe you could let me know. Thanks again G, really appreciate the help. Regards Dee
  2. Hi all, I decided to change oil and filters on my 2013 rav4 2.2l . My wife (also 2013 rav4 2.2l) overheard my conversation and says I can change hers too. My son (Auris SR180) also allows me to change his as well. All three engines are 2.2l so I thought mmmm handy enough. The SR180 was a piece of cake, as they all should. I run into problems with the first rav4, I couldn't get the oil filter housing loosened, had to change the oil only. The same problem with my rav4, the filter was solid. At this point I must add that I have all the proper tools for removing the filter housing, including the aluminium jobbie with 14 flutes. At one point I cracked the housing as I had the chain wrench on it. Not to worry I thought, should be handy enough to replace. The only one available was outta Mr T, and at a cost of £92 + vat. Ebay were more realistic with various prices around 10-12 quid. They had to come from China. I got one of ebay for £25 and it arrived in two days, great. Popped under my rav4 to find it was the wrong size.... Can anyone advise me of where to source the proper ones, please. I have had to weld (with soldering iron) both of the housings and reuse them, but will be replaced as soon as I can acquire them. £200 + is a bit steep for two filters. Thanks and best wishes, Dee A
  3. Hi all.   I have a Rav4 2.2 2013 Invincible and I want to fit mudflaps on it, but it has been mentioned that they can not be fitted if I have sidesteps.   On the first look I have a space of 3+ins from the front arch to the sidesteps.   Am I missing something, wouldn't like to buy full set of flaps and have two left over.

    Has anyone had this experience before

    Thank you in advance, Dee

  4. All sorted, every man to his own trade. Problems solved and MOTed and all. Thank you everybody, I appreciate the help. It's nice to know that there is help, especially from this website. Kindest regards, Dee
  5. Hi de tomato and oldcodger, thank you for the response. Yes disconnecting the battery would disable all systems but I only wanted the airbag isolated. Seems like a trip to the electrical mechanics is on, I was trying to get it sorted without leaving home as the car is SORN'ed. Not to worry, and thank you again, best wishes Dee
  6. Hello again, just a wee quickie, does anyone know where the airbag fuse is on a 2006 Corolla 2.0 D-4D. I've not got a manual atm and I want to turn it off. Thank you in advance, Dee
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    Quotes have been 1 - 4 hrs.
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    Hi Catlover, it's reckoned to be in the millions atm, God only knows what the final figure will be, also the airbags manufacturer Takata have been bankrupted or so I have read. This Corolla is my sons car but has been redundant from I got my RAV4, and he inherited my 08 Auris SR180, which he seems to like very much, (shocker there). So I have been given the Corolla to MOT and sell. I think I have got the short straw. So now we still have all Toyotas each, wife RAV 4 2.2L, me RAV 4 2.2L Inv, daughter Auris 1400 petrol, and son has Auris SR180, and all is peaceful again in our family. Thank you all again, best regards Dee
  9. Blooboy


    Thank you frostyballs for the reply. This is what I wanted to know, what fault is to do with the recall, I know it has to do with the passenger seat but is it a light on fault or maybe defective airbags. I read that the big problems were in USA and the airbags were defective in that they deployed without warning and the passengers were showered with shards of metal. Possibly the probs in Europe are different, I don't know, but I'll just go ahead and get the warning light fault repaired, just to be on the safe side, thanks all for the effort, appreciate. Dee
  10. Blooboy


    Hi and so sorry for the mistake, the 2006 Corolla is my sons car and the one in question. Could this fault code be the cause for recall possibly. My son received the recall letter but the car was ok at the time. I called the local Toyota dealers to find out what to do. Yes the car was on the recall list, but there was a 8 month waiting time just to have it diagnosed, which Toyota would be charging us for. Does anyone know exactly what the fault is, could this be the fault in our car, if we fix it now and pay for it then Toyota would not need to recall it. And what if it is dangerous and people have died from it, I wouldn't be happy driving the car for the next 8 months. If we could find out what exactly is the cause for recall, if someone on these forums has been through this maybe could enlighten us which we would really appreciate. Thank you in advance.
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    'I've just had my airbags fault diagnosed and the result is : "B1660 P seat airbag active mode indicator", has anyone had this problem before and what way was it resolved, please, thank you Dee'
  12. Hi all, Corolla airbag warning light on seems to be a common problem. In nearly all cases it can be attributed to wiring connectors under the front seats, its just a job of taking the connectors apart, spraying some electrics cleaner into the joints and put them together again. Unfortunately this did not cure my problem, the light is still on. Even though my car is on an airbag recall list, Mr T cannot even say what the problem is, as well as there being a 8 month waiting list to have it diagnosed. Does anyone have come across this problem, maybe give me a few pointers please. The car is up for MOT in a weeks time and I'm sure it won't go through as it is. Thank you in advance, Dee
  13. yes you're right in what you say, and I have had the experience of tuning boxes and modules, but found them to be unreliable. the first I tried was to give me up to 35% more power and better mpg etc. it had 8 settings to choose from so I bit the bullet and went for the max 8. shortly afterwards the car went into that limp home mode, so I got in touch with the seller. first thing he asked was what setting I used. I told him 8, he said to turn it down to about 5 or 6. forgot to mention the performance gain if anything was worse than standard. well its still in the drawer and won't be used again, if its to do damage that can't be righted I don't want it. this is why I was enquiring, if it was to have a remap and end up with the 177 bhp, no problem, I'd be happy enough knowing the engine was in no danger. I thought someone would have tried it before now. TVM Dee
  14. well the mechanical differences if any, would dictate whether a remap or similar should/could be done. that is the info that I would need. seems to me the 2 engines are the same but set up differently. but then maybe not. TVM Dee
  15. thank you for the quick reply Heidfirst, the insurers would be notified no problem, as always. where would I go to get this information.... TVM Dee